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The Top 12 Delicious Shanxi Pasta Recommendation and Practice

Chongqing small noodles, Xi’an oil splashing noodles, Xinjiang noodles, Lanzhou beef noodles, Henan braised noodles, Beijing fried sauce noodles …

Unlike other dishes, Chinese like to put a place name in front of different types of pasta, highlight the characteristics. Over time, these pasta dishes have been used as local food endorsements, so that when you go to the local area, you must order one to show “authentic”.

Daoxiao Noodles
Daoxiao Noodles

Therefore, in the past two years, Datong’s Daoxiao Noodles have also appeared in large and small markets and stations everywhere. However, if you go to Shanxi, you will find that the Shanxi people can do more than Daoxiao Noodles!

Dalu Noodles

In Taiyuan, it’s a pity if you haven’t eaten Dalu Noodles. For the Dalu Noodles, it is the spoonful of braised pork, tomato sauce, meat sauce … Various sauces made various Dalu Noodles.

Dalu Noodles
Dalu Noodles, Shanxi

Tijian Noodles

What is Tijian? You can understand it by looking at the following picture.

Tick the noodles into the pan and boil them, very fast. The ends of the tip are long and slender, the middle part is slightly thick, white and smooth, soft and ribbed. After cooking, add sauces and mix well, it’s sleek and delicious.

Tijian Noodles, Shanxi
Tijian Noodles, Shanxi

Men Noodles

The prepared noodles are mixed with the vegetables, the fragrance is full, and the authentic Shanxi Men Noodles must be rolled by hand instead of machine noodles.

Men Noodles, Shanxi
Men Noodles, Shanxi

Helao Noodles

It is probably one of the oldest machine noodles.

Helao Noodles are inseparable from the “Helao Bed” which is usually a piston-like design, uniformly distributed round holes at the lower end, the good dough is stuffed in from above, then squeezed hard, noodles pass through the small hole below and fall into the pot, so that a bowl of uniform thickness noodles is ready.

Helao Noodles
Helao Noodles

Min Tadpole Noodles

Min Tadpole is another type of pasta standing on the opposite side of the standardization of Helao.

The short “tadpoles” are one or two centimeters and only long ones are four or five centimeters, which is why they are so named. Tadpole bed is a special tool for making tadpoles, which is actually a piece of iron with round holes.

When making tadpoles, place the dough on it, and then push down to force the noodles into the pot through the small holes. If you want to eat tadpoles of different thicknesses, you only need to replace the tadpole bed with different specifications.

Min Tadpole Noodles , Shanxi
Min Tadpole Noodles

Oiled Meat Noodles

“One plate of over-oiled meat, two bowls of white noodles, dripped with pesto vinegar, over live gods.” If you are not from Shanxi, it may be difficult to understand Shanxi people’s love for oily meat.

Maybe you have a question: isn’t oily meat noodles in Xinjiang? Yes, but Xinjiang is lamb, and Shanxi is pork.

Oiled Meat Noodles
Oiled Meat Noodles

Beef Meatball Noodles

Is it beef balls + noodles, or beef + balls + noodles! You may really be lucky!

Beef meatball noodles only appeared in the 1970s. The producer introduced the butter soup base of Chongqing spicy hot pot into the soup of the Hui nationality, plus the traditional beef meatballs of the Hui nationality, only then was the birth of beef meatball noodles. People in Linfen outside would miss that bowl of beef meatball noodles very much.

Beef Meatball Noodles
Beef Meatball Noodles

Big Plate Chicken

Although the birthplace of the big plate chicken is Xinjiang, after being improved by the Yuncheng people who love to eat, it integrates the unique taste of the locals in Yuncheng and has made a delicious big plate chicken. Fresh! Fragrant! Hot! Tasteful!

big plate chicken, Shanxi
big plate chicken, Shanxi

Cat ears

This pasta gets its name because it curls like cat ears. A skilled Shanxi housewife grabbed a small piece of dough and twisted it gently with her thumb to curl it into the shape of a cat’s ear.

Because of its small size, cat ears are more refreshing and easy to eat than noodles, and they are also more flexible to eat and can be cooked or fried.

cat ears, Shanxi
cat ears, Shanxi

Youmian Kaolaolao

Follow the Fen River to the north, reach the Xinzhou and Datong area, where large pieces of oats are planted.

The flour ground with oatmeal is coarse grains with a coarser texture than wheat flour. People in the north of Shanxi patiently rolled the oatmeal in a round cylinder, then carefully cooked them in a cage and steamed them, inventing the unique way of eating “Kaolaolao”.

Youmian Kaolaolao, Shanxi
Youmian Kaolaolao, Shanxi

If it’s the Spring Festival and the feast, you will also see a variety of date steamed buns and flower steamed buns. Under a pair of working hands, the ordinary dough was made into a variety of patterns, rejoicing and comforting.

date steamed buns and flower steamed buns, Shanxi
date steamed buns and flower steamed buns, Shanxi

After reading the above recommendation, which of the above pasta dishes do you like best?

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Nancy Huang
I'm a journalist in Shenzhen, China. I have been working in several news agencies in China since 2008.



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