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The Most Expensive Blackmail in History, Aimed at Trump

This time, extortion hit Trump.

The time limit is one week, the amount of extortion is 42 million US dollars; if Trump does not pay, the other side will announce Trump “tons of dirty materials,” “you don’t want to be president.”


According to media reports from Forbes and NBC in the United States, the whole story is as follows:

  • An infamous hacking group REvil hacked into Meiselas & Sacks, a large entertainment law firm in New York, and stolen more than 750 G-level A client materials, including Lady Gaga, Madonna, U2, Nikki Mina and other entertainment superstars.
  • The hacker group initially requested $ 21 million, and the deadline is May 14. Of course, the law firm refused to pay and launched an investigation with the FBI.
  • This annoyed the hacker group, and the ransom immediately doubled, $ 42 million. It is said that this is also the highest amount of blackmail in history.
  • The hacker group immediately released 2.4G materials, including Lady Gaga’s contract details, as well as some confidential materials. According to the analysis of some experts, these materials are indeed true.

Now, hackers have targeted Trump, threatening to expose Trump if he does not pay:

  • The next person we want to announce is Donald Trump. The election is in progress, and we have found tons of dirty materials … Mr. Trump, if you want to continue to be president, you must be angry with those guys, otherwise, you will never forget this ambition. Voters, we can let you know that after the material is released, you definitely do n’t want to see him become president. Well, we won’t go into detail. The deadline is one week.
Hacker, Trump
Hacker, Trump

The meaning is also obvious

  • Within a week, pay 42 million US dollars; otherwise, the Trump black materials will be announced.
  • Once the materials are published, you will definitely not be the President of Trump.
  • Everyone knows that Trump has always refused to disclose his various materials, including tax records. If a hacker really grasps something, it is indeed lethal, especially at a critical moment in the election.

Of course, according to law firms, Trump is not their client.

But don’t forget that Trump made his fortune in New York, and there are many partners. He does not rule out that his partner or partner ’s partner is a client of this law firm. There are some small secrets that are entirely possible.

The hacker group, extortion hit Trump.

Trump’s work is unambiguous, and hackers are not soft, and the price is now $ 42 million.

According to the “Capitol Hill” report, the firm has claimed that it has been working with the FBI and will not pay any ransom. But the hacker group claimed that they had received $ 365,000.

Who Pays? Do not Know!

But there are always some people who are afraid of exposing things and can solve it with money.

Don’t forget that before the last general election, Trump lawyer Cohen secretly paid the sealing fee because the two porn stars claimed to have a relationship with Trump. Later, Cohen and Trump fell apart, exposing his work, is to “wipe Trump’s ass”.

Of course, Trump admitted that there was something to pay, but Cohen was lying all the rest …

Now that the new general election is about to begin, the old revolution has encountered new problems, and hacker politicians and Trump got involved.

Hacker, Trump
Hacker, Trump

What do you think?

Three simple points:

  • First, the general election is coming, and the good show is about to begin. I remember that Mark Twain ’s novel “Governing for Governor” said that there were various tricks in the campaign, for example, “Someone instructed nine children who had just learned to walk, including all kinds of different skin colors and wearing various kinds of ragged clothes, they rushed to the podium of a popular assembly and hugged my legs tightly and called me Dad! “Some, of course, discredited, but some, we don’t know if it is true. Well, the time to witness history is here again.
  • Second, fortunately, what I said is “fortunately”-this hacker group has long been known, was born and raised in the United States. In the words of the American media, “notorious.” Otherwise, you can bet that China will “lie down” again and that some Americans will claim that it was directed by a foreign government to “black” Trump. Alas, in the internal affairs of the United States, the Chinese only watch the drama and do not interfere.
  • Third, extortion strikes Trump, there are mountains beyond the mountains. Now, Trump is in a bright place, hackers are in the dark, and the deadline is one week. In the words of American friends, it is estimated that Trump is also very nervous. How many black materials do these guys have?
Nancy Huang
Nancy Huang
I'm a journalist in Shenzhen, China. I have been working in several news agencies in China since 2008.


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