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Home Health Coronavirus Pandemic: Beijing Hoarders Call out "Regret"

Pandemic: Beijing Hoarders Call out “Regret”

Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic in Beijing has been repeated, and some citizens have hoarded goods and centralized purchases.

However, as the supply of materials became more and more abundant, the citizens who stocked up at the beginning found that they could buy fresh vegetables every day, rice, noodles, grain, and oil were also guaranteed, they gradually felt that their previous behavior was “not necessary”, and said “I regret it very much.”

Pandemic: Beijing Hoarders Call out "Regret"
Pandemic: Beijing Hoarders Call out “Regret”

“Scrambled eggs with spinach, cold spinach, spinach noodles, spinach juice… Mr. Meng, who lives in Fengtai District, recently ate spinach in various ways, and felt that he was already a little “like a vegetable”.

“It’s not because I hoarded too much before, but now the vegetables are wilting…” Last weekend, affected by some panic buying, Mr. Meng also hurried to the supermarket to prepare a wave of goods.

“At that time, I saw that there were a lot of spinach and garlic sprouts, and I didn’t think much about it. I quickly took a few handfuls. Spinach bought the most, and it had to be 4 or 5 pounds.” Mr. Meng said. As a result, after eating spinach, he found that the speed of eating could not keep up with the speed of the rotten vegetables. As soon as I go to the supermarket downstairs, there is a sufficient supply of fresh vegetables every day, and the price is not expensive. “It’s really unnecessary to stock up so many vegetables. It’s uncomfortable to eat and waste.” Mr. Meng said helplessly.

It is not only Mr. Meng who regrets it.

Pandemic: Beijing Hoarders Call out "Regret"
Pandemic: Beijing Hoarders Call out “Regret”

This Monday, seeing the news of confirmed cases in Beijing, Ms. Han, a citizen of Dongcheng District, couldn’t sit still. “Many communities are closed. We don’t feel at ease when we don’t have any food at home.” She hurriedly went shopping with her family at a nearby mall. When she entered the supermarket, she saw everyone adding things to the shopping cart in large and small bags. Ms. Han was even more motivated, and soon joined the “army” of stockpiling goods.

6.08L of sunflower oil, 5L of peanut oil, 5kg of snowflake powder, and two big bags of 50kg Wudeli wheat flour.” These are the necessities of life. If you can’t go out at the time, these things can be kept.”

However, when she returned home after “passionate shopping”, Ms. Han realized that there was not so much space to put things in the house. Pure water, snowflake powder, and instant noodles took up an entire cabinet. She had to ask the neighbors for help and put some flour and cooking oil in the neighbor’s house.

“In the past two days, the supply of goods in the supermarket is the same as before. Nothing is out of stock. If I knew it earlier, I would not follow the trend of stockpiling. I bought too much flour. These two days, we always eat either steamed flower rolls or steamed buns. The children keep shouting that they don’t want to eat pasta anymore.” Ms. Han said angrily.

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Nancy Huang
I'm a journalist in Shenzhen, China. I have been working in several news agencies in China since 2008.



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