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The Nutritious Meal in a Rural Elementary School in Anhui Was Filled with Trash Because of Unpalatable.

Pupils from a rural elementary school in Fuyang, Anhui Province dumped nutritious meals in the trash because of poor taste. Some parents thought it was a waste to dump them. The school responded that the taste is difficult to adjust, and the school will strengthen publicity and education.

On September 25th, Mr. Wang from Yingdong District, Fuyang, Anhui reported to The Paper News that the nutritious meals at Yanglouzi Central Primary School in Yingdong District, Fuyang City had a poor taste, and children did not like to eat them, so they dumped all the nutritious meals into the trash.

Pupils from a rural elementary school dumped nutritious meals in the trash because of poor taste
Pupils from a rural elementary school dumped nutritious meals in the trash because of poor taste

The pictures provided by Mr. Wang show that several pupils-like children are pouring the noodles from the plate in their hands into a plastic bucket, and the noodles in one of the two trash cans have overflowed out of the bucket.

Mr. Wang said, “This noodle, without a bit of oil, is eaten with noodles and vegetables. It is very dry.” Mr. Wang said that because the food is unpalatable, many students throw away the rest of the food. He thinks This is really wasteful.

Pupils from a rural elementary school dumped nutritious meals in the trash because of poor taste
Pupils from a rural elementary school dumped nutritious meals in the trash because of poor taste

In response to the problem reported by Mr. Wang, the principal of Yanglouzi Central Primary School Wu said on the 27th that the noodles in the picture were dumped by students into plastic buckets.

Principal Wu said that the noodles in the picture were marinated noodles. The students did not like to eat noodles and poured the remaining noodles into the bucket. The small volume of the plastic bucket caused the noodles to overflow.

Principal Wu said that this situation will not occur when the school supplies other types of nutritious meals. Regarding the problem of the bad taste of nutritious meals for students, Principal Wu said that “it is difficult to adjust the taste of nutritious meals” and that the school will improve the taste of nutritious meals.

How does the nutritious meal taste? Principal Wu said, “I think the taste is okay.” Is this a waste of food? President Wu responded that he would strengthen publicity and education for students.

Another person in charge of Yanglouzi Central School, Mr. Li, said that the nutritious meals are prepared by a fast-food company called “Quadao Kitchen” in Fuyang, and they are provided to schools in Yingdong District. “It may take a long time for delivery. There is a difference in taste.” Mr. Li said.

According to Mr. Li, this Loman dish is a local Fuyang dish called “steamed noodles”, which contains bean sprouts, green vegetables, and shredded pork.

On September 15, the official website of the Ministry of Education issued a notice on the “Education System’s Action Plan to Stop Food Waste and Cultivate Saving Habits”. The notice pointed out that it is necessary to further promote the campus CD-ROM campaign, and adopt various methods to encourage teachers and students to finish the purchased food without leaving leftovers in the CD-ROM campaign, so as to quickly reverse the bad trend of school dining waste.

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