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Anatomy Professor Cuts whole Pig for Neighbors

Recently, the Covid-19 Pandemic in Shanghai has been serious.

Anatomy Professor Cuts whole Pig for Neighbors
Anatomy Professor Cuts whole Pig for Neighbors

Residents Mr. Ji’s family and 17 neighbors bought a whole pig that had been slaughtered in order to eat fresh pork. In the absence of a butcher in the market, Mr. Ji’s father, a former professor of anatomy, dismembered the whole pig to satisfy the greed of the neighbors.

An anatomy professor is an expert in dissecting the human body. Who would have guessed that one day, an anatomy professor will act as a butcher?

Anatomy Professor Cuts whole Pig for Neighbors
Anatomy Professor Cuts whole Pig for Neighbors

On April 12, Mr. Ji, who was in the Shanghai prevention area, received a message for help in the community buying group, “Looking for someone who can cut pork.”

“The pork we bought in the group was all frozen. We want to eat fresh pork, and after inquiries, we learned that there is currently a lack of butchers in the market to cut pork, and if you want to eat fresh pork, you can only buy a whole pig and cut it yourself.”

Mr. Ji introduced that when he saw the news of looking for a pig cutter, he asked his father, who was a professor of anatomy if he could cut the pig. “My father, Professor Ji Rongming, is a member of the Naval Medical University (formerly the Second Military Medical University), professor of clinically applied anatomy, winner of the National Invention Award, now retired. Although his 71-year-old father has never dismembered a pig, this is also cutting work, he thought it would not be difficult to cut a whole pig, so he agreed.”

Anatomy Professor Cuts whole Pig for Neighbors
Anatomy Professor Cuts whole Pig for Neighbors

Afterward, Mr. Ji and 17 neighbors bought a whole pig. “Because special tools are required to cut the pig’s head, and we only have a kitchen knife, we did not want the pig’s head, nor the pig’s internal organs and tail.” Mr. Ji said the volunteers sent the whole pig to his house with a small cart that day.

“We first put cardboard on the table to prevent damage to the house’s hygiene when cutting the pig. Then, my father and I carried the pig to the table, and my father put on medical white gloves and used a pen to draw 16 strips on the pig’s back. He took out the freshly sharpened kitchen knife and cut the pig along the bisector line.” Mr. Ji said that his father’s cutting technique was very neat, “Compared to dissection, cutting pork is relatively simple, because when dissecting the human body, care should be taken to protect the organs, so the method is more careful, and the pork can be cut with a slash, even if it is cut crookedly, it can be eaten.”

After cutting the pork, they took out the scales and weighed 17 pieces of pork by standing on the scale and holding 17 pieces of pork in turn.

“My father’s knife skills are perfect. Each portion of meat is basically 10 kilograms, and they are very happy after sharing it with the neighbors. Later, we made braised pork with fresh pork, and I feel that the braised pork this time is more fragrant because this is the pork that we cut ourselves, the braised pork is infused with our hard work.” Mr. Ji said.

Mr. Ji said that they are happy to help their neighbors realize their wishes, and they will buy whole pigs or whole sheep again in the future to satisfy everyone’s greed.

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Nancy Huang
I'm a journalist in Shenzhen, China. I have been working in several news agencies in China since 2008.



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