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Xi’an: China’s Most Suitable City to Experience Hanfu Culture, How much Does it Cost

In Chang’an, there is a prosperous Tang Dynasty, people and things that have gone through thousands of years of history. Now, we can see girls in Hanfu everywhere in the streets.

Xi'an, Hanfu, Experience
Xi’an, Hanfu, Experience

Xi’an is the only city that people walking on the streets in Hanfu without any sense of contradiction.

more than 80 shops related to Hanfu experience

Xi’an is becoming one of the most suitable cities for Hanfu experience in China. This quaint city has also derived a Hanfu experience industry chain: from clothing to makeup, and photography, you can “return to Chang’an” for just a few hundred yuan.

Xi’an, as the ancient capital of the thirteen dynasties, itself contains the beauty of Zhou, Qin, Han, and Tang cultures. A large number of Tang-like attractions have shaped the Hanfu experience scene, resulting in a series of related services.

Currently, Xi’an has more than 80 shops related to Hanfu experience.

In fact, although the Hanfu revival movement has been around for nearly 20 years, the real popularity of Hanfu comes from the promotion of hit dramas, such as “Langya Bang”, “Sansheng Sanshi Shili Peach Blossom“, “Do you know whether it should be green, fat, red, thin” The domineering screens of film and television dramas such as “Hanfu” have created a trend for young people to wear Hanfu.

At the same time, driven by platforms such as Douyin, Station B, Kuaishou, Weibo, etc., the rental and sale of costumes from related dynasties have been driven to form business opportunities.

According to the owner of the Hanfu experience store, for example, during the TV series “Qingpingle”, Song Dynasty clothing was more popular. Last year’s popular “Chang’an Twelve Hours” also made Tang clothing popular. In Xi’an, you can see many Hanfu experience stores recommending the character “Tanqizhuang” in the play.

Xi'an, Hanfu, Experience, Tanqizhuang
Xi’an, Hanfu, Experience, Tanqizhuang

How much Does it Cost

How much does it cost to experience Hanfu in Xi’an for a day?

  • Makeup, 100-200yuan
  • Clothing rental, 200-500yuan
  • Follow-up photo, 300-800yuan
  • Shoe bag accessories, 50-100yuan
Xi'an, Hanfu, Experience, Cost
Xi’an, Hanfu, Experience, Cost

From the perspective of the business types of Hanfu experience stores, it mainly includes Hanfu experience, Hanfu rental, Hanfu makeup styling, Hanfu photo, etc. Most stores adopt a business cross-over model.

Except for some Hanfu shops that focus on photography, they have their own photographers. Most Hanfu experience stores only provide Hanfu rental, and partner photographers provide follow-up photo shoots.

In terms of overall business revenue, about 39% of revenue comes from Hanfu photo, 28% comes from Hanfu rental, and 25% comes from Hanfu experience. In addition, there is another additional consumption of about 8%, such as the rental of accessories, such as shoes, bags, jewelry, fans, and swords.

Xi'an, Hanfu, Experience, Cost
Xi’an, Hanfu, Experience, Cost

The owner of the Hanfu experience rental shop said: General clothing + hair + makeup is about 300 yuan. If you need one to two hours of photo service, it is roughly 299-800 yuan.

There are many types of Hanfu. The previous Hanfu was more concerned with shape, grade, flower and bird patterns, etc., and the materials used were more expensive and delicate.

Xi’an, Hanfu, Experience, Cost

The Hanfu that is popular or sold on the market is mainly processed by incorporating modern elements on the basis of drawing lessons from ancient Hanfu. After all, the aesthetics of modern people is different from that of predecessors, the improved version of Hanfu is more likely to become popular now.

Small profit More sales

Costume portraits have been around for a long time, but Xi’an Hanfu’s experience mainly rose in 2018.

The owner of the Hanfu Experience Store revealed that there have been many “cabbage merchants” in the past two years, and many online stores will often hold promotional activities to attract users to buy.

Xi'an, Hanfu, Experience
Xi’an, Hanfu, Experience

The data shows that the most popular Hanfu experience shops are Yijin Chang’an, Lumingji, Miaoyinyuan, Yunxiang Chang’an, Chu Jian, Miss Miao, Tang Feng Han Yun Shang, Liuguang Jinshi, Linzhongjian, Taxuege, etc.

Compared with the ten most popular Hanfu experience stores in Xi’an, the per capita consumption is mostly concentrated in the range of 200-400 yuan.

Xi'an, Hanfu, Experience, Distribution
Xi’an, Hanfu, Experience, Distribution

The geographical location is mostly concentrated in tourist attractions such as Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Small Wild Goose Pagoda, Xiaozhai, and the bustling business district with dense universities.

After collecting many comments, the praise for the Hanfu experience mainly focused on “like”, “fun”, “beauty in taking pictures” and “ancient style“. And some experiencers also gave negative reviews, mainly because they think that wearing Hanfu is too cumbersome and walking on the street is too exaggerated. At the same time, Hanfu often has problems such as poor quality, airtightness, and poor elasticity.

Girls love Hanfu more

It is quite common to walk around the streets of Xi’an and meet three or more young women wearing Hanfu.

Xi’an, Hanfu, Experience, Girl

From the active exchange groups of Hanfu, it can be found that women are currently the majority of Hanfu fans. Related surveys show that the proportion of men wearing Hanfu is only about 13%, and the proportion of women is about 87%.

Therefore, there are more opportunities to see those beautiful Hanfu girls on the street, and if you see the Hanfu boys, please give them a friendly and encouraging look.

Xi'an, Hanfu, Experience, Girl
Xi’an, Hanfu, Experience, Girl

As young people prefer the fusion of traditional elements and modern styles, in recent years, regular clothes and improved Hanfu that are more suitable for daily wear have gradually become popular. In 2019, the number of consumers of improved Hanfu has nearly tripled in one year, and consumer demand has become increasingly strong.

Tmall data also shows that social occasions such as the company’s annual meeting and CosPlay have further promoted consumers’ willingness to purchase Hanfu

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