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The Top 12 Authentic “City Wall Taste” Ice Creams in Xi’an

As a landmark of ancient Xi’an, the city wall is also a unique cultural symbol. Based on the rich historical connotation, Xi’an City Wall launched new cultural and creative products on May 1st: 12 styles and unique tastes of “City Wall Taste” ice cream, such as Xi’an City Wall, Datang Samurai, Datang Lady, etc.

City Wall Taste Ice Cream
City Wall Taste Ice Cream

What’s the taste of the brick and gray Xi’an city wall? If you want to add shelf life to “Taste of the City Wall”, can it be 1374?

City Wall Taste Ice Cream
City Wall Taste Ice Cream

Hu Xiaofen, the spokesman for the Xi’an City Wall, said: “‘City · One Three Seven Four’ ice cream, the main shape of its design is the shape of the Yongning Gate at the south gate of our city wall. So this number actually contains two meanings, one is that Xi’an City Wall was built in the 7th year of Ming Wanli, that is, 1374 AD; the second meaning is that the perimeter of the city wall reached 13.74 kilometers. “

The spokesman, Xi'an City Wall
The spokesman, Xi’an City Wall

Eating “South Gate” and walking around the city wall, do you want to try? This “taste of the city wall” isn’t just a manifestation. In order to make the taste worthy of shape, Xi’an City Wall Scenic Area has been looking for partners since 2019.

City Wall Taste Ice Cream
City Wall Taste Ice Cream

Hu Xiaofen: “In fact, the design, production, and planning of the ‘City Wall Taste’ ice cream have been fully launched since October 2019, it’s also to find Italian ice cream with a smooth, delicious, low-fat, and healthy taste, looking for excellent technical resources, such as Beijing, Zhejiang, Guangdong, and many other places. Finally, we decided to work with a company in Beijing to create this handmade Italian ice cream. “

City Wall Taste Ice Cream
City Wall Taste Ice Cream

“City Wall Taste” series ice cream has a variety of different shapes such as Xi’an City Wall, Datang Warrior, Datang Lady, etc. It is divided into the chocolate flavor, mango flavor, matcha flavor, strawberry flavor, and other flavors, each of which has its own name.

City Wall Taste Ice Cream
City Wall Taste Ice Cream

Hu Xiaofen: “The second more distinctive ice cream is the” Snow Guifei “. Its design is derived from the more popular hairstyle in the Tang Dynasty, and the third one is the shape of Tang Dynasty Yu Linjun, the shape highly restored to the image of the wall painted little samurai IP. “

City Wall Taste Ice Cream
City Wall Taste Ice Cream

When the Xi’an City Wall Tang Cultural Activity Season was launched on May 1, the “City Wall Taste” series of ice creams were put on the shelves at the same time. There will be 68 sales outlets throughout the city wall scenic area. During the one-month campaign season, you may also encounter “armor samurai” on the city walls.

City Wall Taste Ice Cream
City Wall Taste Ice Cream

Hu Xiaofen: ‘City Wall Warriors’ will also do a parade with tourists every day. At that time, we will also take ice cream to make a delivery and give you some benefits. There will also be some small painted Samurai’s IP shapes on the east side of the arrow tower, you can also hold ice cream and punch in with our little samurai.

City Wall Taste Ice Cream, Xi’an

Regarding ice cream prices: the cheapest “Yongning Gate” is 25 yuan, and the most expensive “Yulin Forest” is 28 yuan.

City Wall Taste Ice Cream
City Wall Taste Ice Cream

At present, Xi’an City Wall Scenic Area can be visited free of charge through real-name online reservations, and visitors who hold the City Wall Year Card do not need to make an appointment.

Nancy Huang
Nancy Huang
I'm a journalist in Shenzhen, China. I have been working in several news agencies in China since 2008.


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