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How Does an Online Teacher Make an Annual Salary of 2 Million?

Under the epidemic situation, online classes for all people have given many online class teachers the treatment of Internet celebrities. Judging from some job advertisements on the market, the remuneration of top teachers is no less than that of well-known Internet celebrity anchors.

 Online Teacher, China
Online Teacher, China

“Qingbei Online School is looking for elementary and middle school teachers with an annual salary of 2 million, and there is no ceiling.”

“NetEase Youdao recruits high school and large class online teachers with an annual salary of 500,000.”

With the same teaching materials and the same classes, the income gap is so big. Zhang Hua, who works at an offline educational institution, can’t sit still.

Under the epidemic situation, online classes for all people have given many online class teachers the treatment of Internet celebrities. Judging from some job advertisements on the market, the remuneration of top teachers is no less than that of well-known Internet celebrity anchors.

In the sluggish industry, facing the high salaries offered by online educational institutions, Zhang Hua, who is about to get married and buy a house this year, is very excited on the one hand, but on the other hand, he has doubts.

Can you really earn so much money as an online teacher? Why are online teachers so valuable? Is this true, or is it just marketing hype?

The annual salary is 2 million?

In most people’s minds, tutors in elementary and middle schools do not earn much. They are not like teachers in vocational education (non-degree education) institutions, because the knowledge taught is “exclusive” and cannot be learned at the student stage, so the salary will be higher.

“The average annual salary of junior teachers in vocational education institutions is 300,000, and the annual salary of special-level teachers is more than one million.” Li Yang, who works for a vocational education institution, told the reporter.

Therefore, when many elementary and middle school educational institutions also advertise “annual salary of one million”, it will be a surprise.

Netease’s “Youdao Excellent Course” recently released the 2021 school recruitment position: “The annual salary of high school large class teachers starts at 500,000 yuan, and the annual salary of outstanding teachers can exceed 1 million.” ByteDance’s online tutoring education product for primary and secondary schools Qingbei Online School gave teachers an annual salary of 2 million.

It needs to be pointed out that these high-paying positions are aimed at teachers who broadcast online classes in large classes. The sudden emergence of U.S.-listed education companies GSX is relying on online large classes.

The so-called large live class is a webcast class with more than 1,000 students in a class. Some public classes can have tens of thousands of people online at the same time.

Online Teacher, China
Online Teacher, China

However, with the exception of large-class online class teachers, teaching other classes such as small class and one-on-one teachers earn far less money.

Zhang Xue, who teaches one-to-one online classes, told the city circles that her institution implements a system of “responsibility base salary + class hours + performance“. “The basic salary of teachers across the country is the same. The difference lies in the teacher’s grade. The higher the grade, the higher the basic salary.”

Under normal circumstances, the monthly basic salary of teachers who graduated from undergraduates is 3,200 yuan, and that of master students is 3,600 yuan; the basic lesson fee is 45 yuan.

According to her, if teachers want to receive performance pay, they generally have to meet 80 class hours per month (one hour equals one class hour) (each month will be adjusted according to the situation), and the company will also base on the teacher’s lesson preparation rate and summary rate, as well as the state of class for final assessment.

Take Zhang Xue as an example. If she only completes the basic teaching hours of 80 class hours a month, she can only get a monthly salary of 7,000 yuan when she first started.

She said that if you want to earn more money, you can only take more classes. The organization also created a WeChat group for teachers to grab classes. “Teachers who have a lot of classes are particularly hard.”

live online large classes

The form of live online classes in large classes has spawned high salaries for teachers. So, can every teacher in a large class make a lot of money?

Take Youdao’s excellent courses as an example. Their annual salary of 500,000 is first based on a high degree of education. Teachers are required to graduate from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Nanjing University, Zhejiang University, University of Science and Technology of China, National People’s University, and “QS World 2020” Top 50 international schools in university rankings. This excludes many teachers who graduated from ordinary schools.

Recruitment Information, Online Course Teacher
Recruitment Information, Online Course Teacher

Liu Xiao, an online large class teacher, told the reporter that the salary level of a teacher is often linked to the teacher’s grade and how many students can be taught.

Teacher level mainly depends on the entry time, the difference is not particularly large. Therefore, the number of students in a teacher’s class has become a key factor in determining teacher salary.

Under normal circumstances, the salary of a single class of offline teachers must be higher than that of online teachers, because the price of offline classes is more expensive than online ones. Take mathematics as an example, the cost of the 5th-grade fall class of the online education institution Yuandao is 1380 yuan, and the cost of the 5th-grade fall of the offline training class of New Oriental Education is 4800 yuan.

“Our teacher’s commission is about 30% of the class fee.” Xue Ping said, which means that for the same lesson, the salary of offline teachers is several times that of online teachers.

Therefore, online teachers who live in low-cost large-scale classes can only teach more students if they want to make more money. The requirement for teachers is to have the ability to “drain”.

Yang Jiawen, the physics teacher of Youdao Excellent Courses, told the reporter that although his courses are mostly on Saturdays and Sundays, he can’t take time off from Monday to Friday because he has to teach public courses.

Open classes, low-cost drainage classes, such as the 9.9 yuan experience class. The main purpose of the course is to allow students to register by listening to high-quality trial lessons. The open class lasts for one hour at most, and the number of students faced varies from 10,000 to 30,000.

Average Recruitment Salary and Subdivision Index
Average Recruitment Salary and Subdivision Index

In his opinion, open classes have given many new teachers opportunities to show themselves and achieve themselves.

“When I first entered the industry, I didn’t have a lot of student resources on hand. I relied on open classes to attract students and parents to sign up for my courses.” Yang Jiawen said that the company generally gives teachers certain rewards based on the teachers’ drainage ability in open classes.

In addition, the repurchase rate is also a criterion for determining the performance pay of online teachers.

The cost of class hours, the performance pay brought by drainage and repurchase, etc. are always added up. “Generally, an intermediate teacher has an annual salary of about 300,000 yuan.” Liu Xiao said.

It can be said that online course teachers not only undertake the teaching function but also bear a certain degree of pressure on enrollment. Teachers who do not have the ability to enroll students can only take a class fee at most, or wait to “take over” some students whose class hours are not equal from other teachers.

In other words, for most online teachers, they can just only earn a normal income. Highly-paid teachers are rare, concentrated at the top of the pyramid.

How to make millions?

Some high-paying job advertisements have given the outside world a misunderstanding of “easily making big money” for online teachers.

“Some time ago, a friend wanted to change to an easy and money-making job and asked me how the online class teacher was. It made me laugh and cry. As someone who came here, what I want to say is that the job of the online class teacher is not so easy.” Yang Jiawen said.

Regardless of the threshold of enrollment and drainage, online teachers are not free to work. Let alone 996, throughout the year, almost only a few days of the Spring Festival can be completely relaxed.

On the Qixi Festival, Yang Jiawen wanted to go shopping with his girlfriend, watch movies, and live a life of two. However, he still had to teach students to class, so he could only book a midnight movie. “When I watched the movie, I was so tired that I just fell asleep.” As for what was shown in the movie, only a glimpse of the afterglow was left in his mind.

The tiredness of online class teachers is not just because of protracted warfare. Compared with the “revealing of the true feelings” of offline teachers, he uses “performance” to describe the way of online teaching.

The study itself is relatively boring, especially for those children who are unable to concentrate, the two hours of class time is quite difficult. Because of the lack of direct eye contact or physical communication online, students are easily distracted.

Tian Wen, who has experienced offline transfers, agrees with Yang Jiawen. After switching to the online, some of her students often used “network cards” to perfuse her. “Some students showed me a forehead and beat the glory of the king with their hands underneath.”

In offline classrooms, students can feel the emotion of “listening attentively” from the teacher’s eyes. After switching to online, they lose this awe.

In order to attract the attention of students, online teachers need to “play hard.” In order to mobilize students’ emotions as much as possible, sometimes they don’t hesitate to sing and dance.

Yang Jiawen used the definition of Newton’s first law that is required in junior high school physics as an example, “Any object must maintain a uniform linear motion or a static state until the external force forces it to change its state of motion.” Holy book. Therefore, Yang Jiawen will incorporate it into the song so that students can “tactfully” remember.

On the other hand, in order to ensure that students do not fall behind, Yang Jiawen often needs to give feedback on some of the students’ responses in a passionate voice. “You are too right!” “Oh, shouldn’t you look at this again?” This kind of high tone is almost throughout the class.

He also often uses some tools that come with the platform, such as special effects or red envelope functions. If the student answered the question correctly, he would give the student a red envelope as a reward.

And how long such a “performance” lasts in a day depends entirely on how many class hours the teacher has to attend on that day.

Online Students, China
Online Students, China

Generally, young teachers can “perform” for four hours with high quality and quantity, which is quite remarkable, but the teaching time per day of teachers is far more than four hours.

“What I can’t stand for is that all classes are connected together. It is best to separate in the morning and afternoon. Don’t stay in the afternoon or even to the evening.” Yang Jiawen said that would break him down.

Zhang Xue was afraid to drink more water in order to ensure that she would not go to the toilet during class. Coupled with staying at home almost every day, this gave her the illusion that she was a class machine.

“Sometimes I feel that the online class teacher is just eating a youth meal. All-day long, my waist can’t stand it.” Zhang Xue said with emotion, “It’s not that there are no teachers who earn a lot of money, but how many people can get with such demanding requirements? Most of the teachers still hold a normal salary, but they are firmly nailed to the computer screen.”

Not long ago, the 2020 Spring Live Broadcast Industry Talent Report released by Zhaolian Recruitment mentioned that the education and training field has the highest competition for live broadcast jobs under the epidemic, and the average recruitment salary is 11577 yuan/month. This is also the income of most online course teachers, which is far less expensive than everyone thinks.

Statistics show that the number of online education users in my country is expected to reach 350 million in 2020, and the market for online education will reach 453.8 billion yuan. In addition, there are over 250,000 companies engaged in online education-related businesses in China.

Those educational institutions that are willing to offer high salaries to online class teachers require at least a well-known university study experience. The number of people meeting this requirement each year is less than 3%.

Even if you enter the ranks of 3%, you have to accept the test of students and parents, and continue to polish and practice before you can become a well-known online teacher.

Teachers who graduated from ordinary universities like Zhang Hua were excluded in the first step.

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