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Coronavirus: Hengshui Middle School Students Take Self-study, Webcam Exams at Home

Luo Xiao is a high school senior at Hengshui Middle School in Hebei, she was going to return to school on the fifth day of the new year originally, but under the epidemic, her vacation was Kept extending.

Prepare for the college entrance examination at home, Luo Xiao

In the days when the epidemic disrupted the learning rhythm, Luo Xiao still studied for nearly 13 hours a day. At the same time, problems such as lack of learning atmosphere, emotions affected easily have also troubled her. In order to fully support the preparation for the exam, Luo Xiao’s family took on the task of buying daily necessities, when talking at home and watching TV, they also deliberately lowered their voices.

Extended winter vacation, the spirit of students can’t be on vacation

“In fact, we have a family meeting to enlighten my sister so that she doesn’t have too much pressure.” Luo Xiao’s brother Luo Ming introduced to reporters, his sister is a third-grade high school liberal arts student of Hengshui Middle School, ranked in the top five. This sudden epidemic has extended the sister’s winter vacation.

Hebei Hengshui Middle School, known as the college entrance examination factory, has long been known for its high school enrollment rate and strict teaching model. Luo Ming introduced that, just after the winter vacation, Hengshui Middle School sent a long schedule to every senior high school student. “Before I woke up, my sister was sitting there to study.” Luo Ming told the reporter that from 7 am to 10 pm, except for mealtime, her sister was studying hardly without interruption.

Hengshui Middle School Schedule
Hengshui Middle School Schedule

Even in the winter vacation, the senior high school students’ lives are busy. Luo Ming said that every day, the teacher would ask students to check in to complete various tasks in the WeChat group, how many words were learned, how many classical texts were memorized, etc., detailed and full. “My sister has a lot of homework and is very full every day. But she said that compared to school, the home is much easier.”

At the end of January, the “easy” days were extended for the first time. On January 28, the Hebei Provincial Department of Education issued a notice on the postponement of the start of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, and decided to delay the start of the spring semester in all colleges and universities, primary and secondary schools, and kindergartens in the province.

On the day he received the notice of the delayed start of the school, Luo Xiao told his family, “It’s good, and I can sleep for a few more days.”

During the extended vacation, Luo Xiao first felt the increasing school assignment. On February 11, the official website of Hengshui Middle School released a proposal letter to all students, stating that “there is still a period of time before the official start of the school, everyone must know that although the time is on holiday, the spirit can’t be on holiday.”

A new teaching method followed: Luo Xiao and her classmates started online classes from February 13.

Preparing for the online lesson: Listening to lessons in the bed, opening a camera test

When I first learned that the school was delayed, Luo Xiao’s parents had worried about her studies, and Luo Ming, who was still in college, instructed them: “Don’t put too much pressure on her. If she has any difficulty, try to help her as much as possible. Encourage her. “

The epidemic inevitably affects every corner of life. Handan’s prevention and control measures are gradually increasing, and the neighborhood where Luo’s family is located can only go out for one person to buy vegetables for three days. Usually, this task falls on Luo Ming. Parents who are self-employed can’t go out and can only rest at home and accompany the elderly.

There are more people staying at home, but decibel seems to be lower than before. Luo Ming says that in order to support his sister Luo Xiao for the exam, his family usually kept quiet when talking and watching TV. Luo Ming said that he would never ask his sister about such questions as the review round and what school he wanted to take. “It’s a critical time, and she doesn’t usually talk to me much.”

Because of the epidemic, all of the senior high school students’ learning positions had to be moved online. Luo Ming said that in order to take online lessons, Luo Xiao downloaded three or four software programs, each of which had different courses, checking, and homework assignments. There are live broadcasts and recorded broadcasts of online courses, but there are too many recorded broadcasts because you can watch them again and again. Every day, online punch-in exercises such as gymnastics and eye exercises are arranged.

Senior high school teachers and students in the era of online classes all showed their magical powers. Luo Ming had watched his sister Luo Xiao several times, and some of the classmates listened on their stomachs, while others drilled in the bed. “I heard that some teachers will send examination papers to students in Hengshui, one by one.” When studying at home, they also have to take the exam. Luo Ming recalled that during the exam, Luo Xiao would open the camera, the students were sitting here, and the teacher was watching over the screen.

Tired and uncomfortable: Lack of learning atmosphere in online courses, looking forward to the start of school

A dozen hours of study every day makes the people in them feel tired.

Luo Ming said that on several occasions, he saw his sister fell asleep while sitting in front of the computer and taking online lessons. “When she got up in the morning, she watched the online lesson in the quilt. When she looked back, she was already asleep, and sometimes she closed her eyes after listening to the lesson.”

Several times, she asked Luo Ming, “Brother, do you have a mask? I’ve got acne, I’m so tired.” Luo Ming had to comfort her. She would say that I’m going back to study, and then I run back.

Luo Ming said that the process of reviewing online classes was actually not fun. When Luo Ming and his sister Luo Xiao talked about the news about the epidemic situation, Luo Xiao was a bit upset.

Compared with school, she is not very adaptable to the way of studying online courses. “At school, I didn’t dare to relax when I saw the efforts of others, but there was no such atmosphere when studying at home. There would be some kind of tiredness to rest.” Luo Ming said that when the mood was particularly out of control, her sister hid in the room and cry secretly.

“It will start in a few days.” On several occasions, Luo Xiao looked forward to school, but notice of the start of the school has been delayed.

Hebei Hengshui Middle School, Network Flag Raising Ceremony
Hebei Hengshui Middle School, Network Flag Raising Ceremony

On February 28, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Hengshui Middle School and the principal of the school, Ji Huisuo, said in an interview with Bai Yansong that for the resumption of issues of general concern to students and parents, compared with the results of the college entrance examination, the life safety of teachers and students is the most important. “Before the epidemic is effectively controlled, we feel that it is better not to start school.” On February 29, Hebei Province issued a notice to continue to postpone school start and continue to conduct online education.

The time at home was extended again, and Luo Ming and his parents decided to provide a better learning environment for his sister Luo Xiao. After the discussion, let Luo Xiao go to her aunt’s house to study. “My aunt’s family has a cousin who is in the second year of high school and can study together and supervise each other.” Luo Ming said. Otherwise, such a long vacation will be difficult for senior high school students who are approaching the college entrance examination every day.

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