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Miracle! Almost 500 Kinds of Medicines Prepared in 10 days, Supply Xiaotangshan Hospital

After the diagnosis of novel coronavirus pneumonia, Li Hua takes Chinese medicine first.

“I didn’t know Chinese medicine abroad before. I didn’t expect the effect of Chinese medicine to be so amazing!” Two days later, Li Hua’s condition improved, and he couldn’t help praising. After Li Hua arrived in Beijing from overseas, he has confirmed infection and was admitted to the Xiaotangshan designated hospital B2 ward. The ward was taken over by the Xiaotangshan medical team supported by the Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital. The combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine was adopted to highlight the advantages of Chinese medicine. Yuan Qing, head of the ward who gave Li Hua a pulse, was very confident in the follow-up treatment of the patient.

Chinese medicine
Chinese medicine

Clinical confidence is inseparable from the guarantee of medicines

“Chinese medicines are the first to be completed.” Wei Jinghai said that he was the deputy director of the Pharmacy Department of Beijing Children’s Hospital and transferred to be the head of the Pharmacy Department of the Xiaotangshan Designated Hospital. He has been stationed in Xiaotangshan for 58 days. On March 16, the hospital was officially opened. After running for a week, the most important thing he cares every day is that, what medicine is needed clinically, is there any in Curry? Is there enough staffing?

Chinese medical team
Chinese medical team

The team led by Wei Jinghai has a total of 19 people, everyone has a clear division of work and methodical work. 5 Chinese medicine practitioners and 15 decoction pots, from grabbing, bagging, soaking, boiling to distribution, morning and evening. 13 western pharmacists, receiving, examining, sending medicine, delivering medicine, respond at any time, and strive to meet the clinical needs. Outpatient Chinese medicine pharmacies, western medicine pharmacies, ward pharmacies, and warehouse pharmacies all perform their duties and have sufficient supplies. Not only provide protection for the ward but also provide medical personnel, administrative logistics staff, etc. who work in Xiaotangshan.

“At present, patients in the ward are very willing to accept Chinese medicine.” Yuan Qing said, the curative effect of Chinese medicine is also developing in the expected direction.

Pharmacy, Xiaotangshan Hospital
Pharmacy, Xiaotangshan Hospital

Almost 500 kinds of medicines prepared in 10 days

It is difficult to imagine if there is no strong organizational guarantee, which hospital will be able to dispense nearly 500 drugs with 10 specifications in 10 days.

“When we received the order, we were told that there were only 10 days to prepare.” The first big problem before the pharmacy team was to quickly formulate the inventory of medicines and complete the procurement of medicines. Wei Jinghai, who has many years of pharmacy management experience, led the team to sort out the catalog, and at the same time proposed to the Beijing Hospital Management Center, and asked the Central Epidemic Prevention and Control Pharmacy Expert Group for on-site guidance as soon as possible to give full play to the advantages of each hospital and quickly find the best solution. The proposal was immediately adopted by the Pharmaceutical Affairs Office of Beijing Hospital Management Center. The final catalog was determined within 3 days, the purchase order was issued on the 5th day, the medicinal herb was prepared on the 8th day, and all the drugs were prepared on the 10th day!

Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital
Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital

Judging from the current usage monitoring for one week, the catalog varieties basically meet the clinical daily needs.

Li Yonglin, director of the Pharmacy Department of Xiaotangshan Hospital, has been working in Xiaotangshan all his life. He always remembers the “Xiaotangshan Miracle” created by people from all walks of life 17 years ago. He said: It is a miracle to dispense nearly 500 kinds of medicines in 10 days as if the “SARS” hospital was built in 7 days.

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I'm a journalist in Shenzhen, China. I have been working in several news agencies in China since 2008.


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