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The most terrifying Fushou snail invades Guangdong

As the temperature rises in summer, many places in Guangdong are flooded with snails.

The most terrifying Fushou snail invades Guangdong
The most terrifying Fushou snail invades Guangdong

When the reporter visited a park in Shenzhen, Guangdong, he found a lot of “pink candies” in the lotus pond. The coquettish “pink candy” is the egg of the snail, and if you look closely, you will find that this pile of “pink candy” is actually composed of countless eggs. If you crush it, it will turn into a puddle of disgusting “blood”.

The most terrifying Fushou snail invades Guangdong
The most terrifying Fushou snail invades Guangdong

Fushou snail is a mollusk belonging to the family of snails and the genus of snails. It is very similar in appearance to field snails.

The patterns on the snail shell change with the environment and age. When moving, the head and abdominal feet of the snail will stick out to assist in crawling, while the eyes are located on the outside of the base of the posterior antenna. The common snail is about 7 cm in size. It belongs to the medium and large snail family in my country.

In addition, don’t look at the dirty look of the snail, but it has a “cleanliness” and likes to live in water quality. In clear freshwater, it mainly feeds on duckweed, vegetables, melons, and fruits, but it also eats animal carrion in the water. It is an omnivorous snail.

The most terrifying Fushou snail invades Guangdong
The most terrifying Fushou snail invades Guangdong

Experts say that the scary thing about Fushou snails is that they carry a large number of parasites in their bodies. Experts once conducted experiments on Fushou snails and found that there can be as many as 6,000 parasites in a single Fushou snail. If it is eaten into the human body, it will cause fever and diarrhea, and it will be life-threatening in severe cases.

The parasites in the snails cannot be killed by high-temperature cooking, because there are a lot of parasites in the snails, and there have been incidents of eating snails in our country. In 2006, a restaurant in Beijing launched a dish called “cold snail meat”. But because of the high price of the conch, the restaurant temporarily decided to replace the conch with Fushou snail.

The most terrifying Fushou snail invades Guangdong
The most terrifying Fushou snail invades Guangdong

However, there was an incident in which diners were infected with parasites after eating snails. Since then, snails have been strictly prohibited from appearing in the market, and people have begun to realize that snails are inedible, but since they cannot be eaten, how to solve the flood of Fushou snails in Guangdong this time?

Experts believe that there are many ways to eliminate snails. The first thing is to destroy the eggs of the snails. If the eggs of the snails are found by the pond, it is best to use tools to shovel and crush them. The second is to spray the liquid medicine for Fushou snails in the major ponds. These liquids will spread with the water flow until the nearby Fushou snails are completely eliminated.

The last point is “fighting poison with poison”, you can put some natural enemy species of the snail, such as carp, river crab, etc., in fact, there is a perfect cycle in nature, a species cannot destroy the ecological environment for no reason, and it is impossible to have this ability. All this is just the result of human intentional or unintentional production.

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