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A Patient in Shanghai Tells about Life in the Cabin: Go to Bed Early and Get up Early, without Taking Medicine

On April 10, the first batch of more than 500 patients was released from the N4 cabin of the Shanghai New International Expo Center Fangcang Cabin Hospital, which was jointly taken over by the Jiangxi Aid Shanghai Medical Team 2 and Team 5.

Life in the Cabin, Shanghai
Life in the Cabin, Shanghai

Li Zicai from Xuancheng, Anhui received the notice of departure and took the initiative to find the head nurse, hoping to continue to stay as a volunteer to help overcome the epidemic.

In an interview with Jiupai News, he introduced that he was 35 years old and engaged in the interior decoration industry. He has been in Shanghai for ten years, and now his work is suspended.

After witnessing the hard work of the medical staff in the cabin, Li Zicai also wanted to help them. In the end, his request was rejected by the pandemic prevention headquarters, and he planned to reassess what he could do to help.

Because his residence in Shanghai is a shared house, he does not meet the conditions for home isolation. In addition, considering the feelings of the residents in the community, he chose to observe himself in the hotel for a week before going back.

“After the observation period, if there is a need for volunteers in Shanghai, I will go there without hesitation and do whatever I can for the pandemic in Shanghai.”

Life in the Cabin, Shanghai
Life in the Cabin, Shanghai

The following is his own statement, Li Zicai:

I wake up from 5:30 to 6:00 every day and then help the nurses distribute breakfast to the patients. At noon, I bask in the sun in the activity area and also do some activities in the afternoon. I usually rest around 10 o’clock in the evening. There are many elderly people and children here. They get up early and rest early.

The daily breakfast is bread and milk, there are meat and vegetables for lunch and dinner. Meals are usually brought in by medical staff, and volunteers help push the meals to different areas for distribution.

Once, I saw that “Da Bai” was wearing protective clothing, pushing the meal from a long distance. After sweating, he stood against the wall to rest, he might be a little dehydrated and dizzy.

My symptoms were a mild cough, and I didn’t take medicine in the cabin, and the doctor didn’t suggest taking medicine, the doctor said I should rely on my autoimmunity.

In the cabin, ome people leave and some people come. At this time, some people have emotional outbursts and feel that the positive patients in the cabin has gradually decreased, and new ones have come later, fearing that their own body is weak and will return to positive.

My colleague was very nervous when he entered the cabin, so I told him not to be afraid, and chatted with others more when he was upset.

There are about 1,500 people in the cabin, and the overall atmosphere is good. Some people bring badminton to play badminton, and some people run, dance square dance, and play Tai Chi. There are still many people working and taking classes online, but the overall environment is a bit noisy and it is a little difficult to concentrate.

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Nancy Huang
I'm a journalist in Shenzhen, China. I have been working in several news agencies in China since 2008.



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