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Shanghai’s Largest Cabin Opens parent-child Mode

A video shows that there is an “infant isolation point” in Jinshan District, Shanghai, where many infants and young children are crowded into beds.

Some netizens commented that because the children were separated from their parents, they could not take care of them in time.

Shanghai's Largest Cabin Opens parent-child Mode
Shanghai’s Largest Cabin Opens parent-child Mode

The latest news shows that the Shanghai New International Expo Center Makeshift Hospital has opened the “parent-child” mode, and parents with negative nucleic acid can accompany their children.

The largest cabin opens the “parent-child” mode

In response to the separation of parents and children during the pandemic, the latest news shows that Shanghai has introduced new measures.

According to Shanghai media on April 5, the mobile cabin hospital of Shanghai New International Expo Center has started the “parent-child” treatment mode.

From the evening of the 4th to 8:00 a.m. of the 5th, a joint clinic with nearly 1,000 beds was built in the Shanghai Children’s Medical Center and the Shanghai Tenth People’s Hospital. A total of 177 families with children have been treated, including 89 children.

Shanghai's Largest Cabin Opens parent-child Mode
Shanghai’s Largest Cabin Opens parent-child Mode

Statistics show that the Shanghai New International Expo Center mobile cabin hospital is currently the largest Fangcang shelter hospital in Shanghai.

The relevant person in charge of the Shanghai Children’s Medical Center said that when the center settled in the mobile cabin hospital of the World Expo Exhibition Hall, it planned to use 330 beds for the isolation and treatment of parent-child patients. In the next stage, the makeshift hospital at the New International Expo Center will also follow the “parent-child” treatment model, with nearly 1,000 beds able to accommodate nearly 500 families in isolation.

It is reported that the medical team of Shanghai Children’s Medical Center received the transfer instruction on the afternoon of April 3. According to the work experience of continuous operations in the Expo mobile cabin hospital in the previous week, in the mobile cabin hospital of the New International Expo Center, this 59-member medical team still adopts the “parent-child” treatment mode and cooperates with the Shanghai Tenth People’s Hospital to build a nearly A joint clinic with 1,000 beds.

Classification and handling of “parent-child” problems

As far as parent-child issues in pandemic prevention are concerned, they can be divided into “parents are positive, children are negative”, “children are positive, parents are negative”, and “simultaneous positives”.

Regarding the “simultaneous positive” situation, at the Shanghai New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Press Conference held on April 4, the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission stated that if the parent of the child is also a positive infected person, they can live in the children’s area to accompany and care for them and receive observation and treatment together.

According to the person in charge of the Shanghai Children’s Medical Center, more than 80% of the parents of the children currently admitted are also positive (belonging to familial cluster infection), so we will adopt “same admission and same treatment”.

As for the situation of “negative parents and positive children”, the above-mentioned person in charge said that for a small number of parents with negative nucleic acid, he is unwilling to separate from their children. From a humanitarian point of view, on the premise that parents are fully aware of the risks, there will also be corresponding arrangements.

Regarding the situation of “positive parents and negative children”, the Shanghai Covid-19 Prevention and Control Work Conference also responded a few days ago.

The relevant person in charge said at the meeting: “Once an adult is infected and transported for treatment, or due to the lockdown and management of the pandemic, parents cannot go home, resulting in unattended minor children, we require the ‘child supervisor’ of the town where the child lives and the village where they live. The ‘Child Director’ responded quickly, taking the protection of the physical and mental safety of the child as the first principle, and quickly carried out emergency response and assistance services. If it is difficult to find a suitable caregiver, the district and town where the child is located should immediately implement the territorial responsibility, under the premise of parental consent, and assign someone to take temporary care to ensure that the child is in a state of effective guardianship.”

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