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What Can 1 yuan Buy in China, 2022?

If you go to No. 3 Haibin Road, Shantou City, Guangdong Province, you can enjoy the sunset on the sea by taking a ferry for one yuan. There was a tourist from Guangzhou who took 4 times back and forth before leaving.

What can one yuan buy in China?
What Can One yuan Buy in China?

Nanjing Zhongshan Wharf, you can also take a ferry to see the evening on the river by swiping one yuan bus card. When the sun is sinking, one end is the city’s tall buildings lit up, and the other end is the old site of the old Nanjing North Station, covered with the light of sunset.

If you walk 100 meters along the old railway tracks, you will also find a couple selling biscuits, salty ones, and you can buy 3 for one yuan.

What can one yuan buy in China?
What Can One yuan Buy in China?

In 2022, if you go to the Gongmenkou Steamed Bread Shop near the Zizhu Bridge in Haidian, Beijing, you can buy the most common steamed bun for one yuan. Because of its high quality and low price, there are long queues here every day.

You can buy two kilowatts of electricity for one yuan, and ideally, you can charge an iPhone 100 times.

In the era of the epidemic, there are some mask vending machines in subway stations, you can buy one for one yuan.

If you like a certain emoji package used in WeChat chat, you can easily get it for one yuan.

You can also use one dollar to buy a handful of discounted vegetables at “Zhengda Youxian” after 8:30 in the evening.

You can buy a blind box of homemade stationery for elementary school students on Xianyu.

A child can take a ride in a children’s rocking cart in the shape of a Pleasant Goat for one yuan.

What can one yuan buy in China?
What Can One yuan Buy in China? A train ticket for one yuan.

You can buy a train ticket for one yuan, the green-skin train numbered 7054, from Taishan, Shandong to Zibo.

The train has been running for 48 years and will travel 5 hours and 49 minutes on a 184-kilometer journey, stopping at 24 platforms. These platforms are scattered in county towns and villages in Shandong, and in some places, you can’t even see the train station signs.

If you start from Taishan to Yanjiazhuang, which is only one stop away, the fare is only one yuan, which is the cheapest train ticket we could find.

There is no air conditioning in the 7054 train, no dining car, and the water and heating come from the most traditional coal stoves.

There was a middle-aged man in a jacket on the train. He climbed Mount Tai twice a week and sometimes took the 7054 train home.

There was also a middle-aged woman wearing a peaked cap on the train. After arriving in Tai’an by high-speed rail, she also took the 7054 train to return. “I just want to take this, the high-speed rail is too fast.”

Among the remaining passengers, some are going to the market, some are going to visit relatives, and some are simply taking their children to experience the feeling of riding the green train. The speed of this train is 32 kilometers per hour, which is less than one-tenth of the speed of today’s high-speed rail, and the people who ride this train are the richest in time. Accompanying the sound of “bang dang bang dang”, the vast plain outside the train window also slowly swayed.

What can one yuan buy in China?
What Can One yuan Buy in China? Beijing’s Yuetan Park

Of course, one yuan can also carry some good side of life.

Beijing’s Yuetan Park is a sacred place where the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties sacrificed to the moon and stars. Today, an adult ticket only costs one yuan, the ticket-selling aunt has stayed for 7 years, and the price has not increased.

In winter and spring, the plum blossoms and magnolias in the south part of the park are in full bloom. With the red palace wall, this is the northern scenery that you can buy for one yuan.

What can one yuan buy in China?
What Can One yuan Buy in China?

In the business world, the stories are always similar.

We have used a 1 yuan shared power bank and listened to an online education experience class of 1 yuan.

Later, they either increased their prices or were destroyed, but no matter which business was concerned, in the beginning, “touting business with one yuan” was an effective way of promotion.

What can one yuan buy in China?
What Can One yuan Buy in China?

In an alley on the west side of Jiangxi Cancer Hospital, there is a “one yuan kitchen”, with a depth of more than ten meters and a width of two meters. There is a coal stove for cooking. Wan Zuocheng and his wife Xiong Gengxiang are doing a “one yuan kitchen” business here – 1 yuan for fried vegetables, 2 yuan for meat dishes, 3 yuan for stewed soup, and free kitchen utensils and seasonings.

This place used to be a breakfast stall 10 years ago, a couple pushed a child with bone cancer to borrow fire.

Later, more and more family members of patients came from the cancer hospital.

After a woman learned that her husband could not be cured, she went home, cried with swollen eyes, and went to the “One Yuan Kitchen” to take a photo with the proprietress. Two months later, she contacted the proprietress again, saying that her husband had died.

A man who took care of his paralyzed wife for a few years, but still lost her after she eating the meatloaf soup he made in the “one yuan kitchen” —probably it’s the most painful place that one yuan can reach.

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