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The Largest Wetland Park in Beijing, with an Area Equivalent to 4 Summer Palaces

Beijing Nanhaizi Country Park is one of the four largest country parks and the largest wetland park in Beijing. After being completed, the total area exceeds 11 square kilometers.

Nanhaizi Country Park, Beijing
Nanhaizi Country Park, Beijing

Nanhaizi has historically been the largest wetland in Beijing, the royal hunting grounds of the Liao, Jin, Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties and the royal courts of the Ming and Qing dynasties. As early as the Ming dynasty, “Nanyouqiufeng” was listed as one of the “Ten Views of Yanjing” with Xishan Qingxue and others.

The park focuses on the construction of wetland landscapes, royal culture, elk protection, ecological leisure, and other functional areas, so that it can echo the Olympic culture in the north and the history and culture of the central city.

Nanhaizi Country Park, Beijing
Nanhaizi Country Park, Beijing

The planned area of the entire park is 11.65 square kilometers and it is the largest wetland park in Beijing. It is understood that the first phase of the park is only one-fifth of the entire park area, which is equivalent to four Summer Palaces.

In the park, there is an iconic “Nanyouqiufeng” stele, which is now partially restored in Nanhaizi Elk Garden. The 8-meter-high boulder stands beside the lake in the wetland landscape of the memorial park. On the front is the Qianlong handwriting “Nanyouqiufeng”. it forms a sharp contrast with the undulating reeds around it, which is both the stone of the scene and the finishing touch.

Nanhaizi Country Park, Beijing
Nanhaizi Country Park, Beijing

Walking in this “Big Mac” park is really a treat. The lake here is clear and transparent, and you can clearly see the free fish swimming under the water, which undoubtedly adds fun to the calm lake. Standing on a high place and looking into the distance, you can see that the green plants and the lake are shining together, and the beauty is like a fairyland.

Nanhaizi Country Park, Beijing, Elk Garden
Nanhaizi Country Park, Beijing, Elk Garden

When you come to Nanhaizi Park, the most attractive place is the Elk Garden. This is the first elk nature reserve in China that is mainly free-range. The elk was originally unique to China, but extinct in China around 1900. Now the elk in the park was imported from the UK.

Although Nanhaizi is no longer magnificent and glorious in the past, it’s vast, deep wild fun also has attractive charm, it is refreshing to be in it.

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