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The Top 10 “Believe in Love” Moments During Coronavirus Epidemic War

Today, 2020-05-20.

Love, coronavirus, epidemic
Love, coronavirus, epidemic

In this sweet day full of air, when we think back to the love that happened during the epidemic, which people and scenes are passing through in your heart? Let’s look back at the moments that touched our hearts and made us “believe in love again” in this special period.

Love, coronavirus, epidemic
Love, coronavirus, epidemic
  • I owe you a marriage contract today, I will use my life to protect

February 2, 2020, is a special day for Zhang Shihua, a physician in the Pidu District People’s Hospital of Chengdu, and his lover Liu Xin. They originally planned to end the three-year long-distance love run on this day and enter the palace of marriage.

But the sudden epidemic situation made their plan fall through, and this day also became his twelfth day of rushing to the front line of anti-epidemic. Through the glass, he wrote all the apologies and love on a piece of paper: “Today, I owe you a marriage contract, this life, I will spend my life to protect!”

Love, coronavirus, epidemic
Love, coronavirus, epidemic
  • If you’re back in peace, I’ll do the housework for a year

What does the best love look like? Perhaps the hero and heroine of “the most beautiful words of 2020” gave us the answer.

On January 28, 2020, in the second batch of Guangyuan City, Sichuan Province, the first batch of aid medical teams in Hubei departed from the scene. Through the car window, nurse Zhao Yingming ’s husband Jiang Haojun shouted with tears at his wife who was preparing to leave: “Come back safely! You come back safely, I will do one year of housework! “

Love, coronavirus, epidemic
Love, coronavirus, epidemic
  • Viruses are terrible, but love is precious

This is Chen Ying, the nurse of the Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, who first met with her boyfriend 11 days after entering the front line of the isolation ward.

It is the virus that is isolated, and the love that is constant. Because of love, so understand. This kiss across the glass may be the best look in their love!

Love, coronavirus, epidemic
Love, coronavirus, epidemic
  • Our love: so far, so close

Wang Shengkun is a policeman of the Traffic Police Brigade in the Development Zone of the Public Security Bureau of Xuzhou City. His wife Wang Shuwen is an infectious disease nurse in the Affiliated Hospital of Xu Medical.

We have n’t seen each other for more than ten days. In the morning, they called while walking to the glass wall of the hospital isolation ward. “Actually, we didn’t say anything. I just reminded her to pay attention to protection. She made me pay attention to rest. Don’t be too tired.” The wife stretched out her hand, and he raised his hand subconsciously. The couple held their hands together across the glass window and their hearts clung together.”

Love, coronavirus, epidemic
Love, coronavirus, epidemic
  • Excuse me, is that you?

On February 4th, on the channel of the isolation ward of the People’s Hospital of Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province, surveillance video recorded the encounter of a medical couple. At first, they didn’t recognize each other, but the wife recognized her husband by voice, and tried to ask: “Are you Chen Bing?” The husband asked, “Are you Xiaoqi?”

After recognizing each other in protective clothes, they hugged each other briefly for 2 seconds, and soon separated and returned to work. Meeting is extravagant, and embracing is extravagant. The two-second embrace in this epidemic is enough to support they going through this life.

Love, coronavirus, epidemic
Love, coronavirus, epidemic
  • Love is when we protect the world hand in hand

Tu Shengjin and Cao Shan of Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital are a medical couple. Since the outbreak, the two fought coronavirus on different floors. On February 2nd, because of the reporter’s interview, the couple had a short meeting and joined hands. The distance of this floor may be the closest and farthest since they have been married for 14 years. The answer to love here is “with you, fight side by side”.

Love, coronavirus, epidemic
Love, coronavirus, epidemic
  • 5-minute “cloud wedding”, put away the most beautiful love

“I announce: Wang Yueling and Qin Dushan formally become legal couples and wish you happiness.” On the evening of February 1, Gan Shuifen, director of the Liaison Town Center Health Center in Yantan District, Zigong, Sichuan, gave a tearful testimony to the couple. Nurse Wang Yueling and firefighter Qin Dushan originally planned to hold the wedding on February 1, but the sudden outbreak disrupted the plan. The sisters in the hospital held a “cloud wedding” for them in order to prevent her from regret.

Without flowers and banquets, the number of participants was less than 10, and the whole ceremony was only 5 minutes. But the people at both ends of the video were already excited with tears when they shouted the phrase “I do.”

Love, coronavirus, epidemic
Love, coronavirus, epidemic
  • “For the rest of life, wealth with you, and mediocrity with you”

At the Yunnan Airport, the conversation between a couple of policemen and doctors was tearful.

When seeing the return of Ding Yi, the wife of the aid medical team in Hubei, appeared at the door of the cabin, the policeman Zhou Longjian shouted “I love you, wife”, and the wife responded with tears, “You will be the rest of my life.” The couple has been separated for 40 days. For safety reasons, they just hugged each other when they reunited.

Love, coronavirus, epidemic
Love, coronavirus, epidemic
  • The most romantic thing I can think of is becoming old with you

“Dear wife: How are you doing these two days! I am waiting for you on the 13th floor.”

“Dear wife: I’m fine! Don’t worry. Listen to the nurse, cooperate with the treatment, get rid of the disease as soon as possible, come on!”

“Dear spouse: There is a bright moon at sea, and there are so many things in the world at this time … It’s unbearable, and it’s still a good time to sleep. My spouse, express my feelings of miss through the ancient sayings.”

Grandma Huang Guoqi, 84, writes such a note every day and asks the hospital nurse to hand it to his 90-year-old wife Sun Nianjie who lives in the ICU ward of the same hospital. When I got the letter every day, the old man looked very seriously.

Love, coronavirus, epidemic
Love, coronavirus, epidemic
  • Holding hands at last

“Maybe I will never see her again in my life. I want to see her.”

“The closer you are to death, the stronger your love will be.” If love needs to be verified, there is nothing more direct and more shocking than life and death.

Grandpa Zhang, 85, and grandma Wen, 87, were admitted to the hospital successively. On January 30, after learning that Grandma Wen was seriously ill, Grandpa Zhang expressed his wish to the children, and the old couple was able to meet in the ICU.

The two were lying on their beds. Grandpa Zhang always called for his unconscious mate, and Granny Wen gently grasped his mate’s hand with the only movable hand, and this became their last time to hold hands …

Love, coronavirus, epidemic
Love, coronavirus, epidemic

All of the above is probably just a drop in the sea of love stories during the epidemic. After the epidemic, I believe everyone has someone who wants to hug or warm-up when they think of it. If not, take advantage of today and speak out loud.

Love is not asking if it is worth or not. May all love has a future, and all waiting will respond.

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Nancy Huang
I'm a journalist in Shenzhen, China. I have been working in several news agencies in China since 2008.


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