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The Most Beautiful Lantern Show of Datang Lotus Garden, Xi’an Qujiang 2020

The fifteenth day of the first lunar month is the annual Lantern Festival, according to Chinese folk tradition, people light up tens of lanterns, walk out of their homes and enjoy with families.

Lantern show of Datang Lotus Garden, Gorgeous, Xi’an Qujiang 2020

Under the epidemic of COVID-19, the turn of winter and spring of 2020 is a special period that will be remembered by history. Here is a lantern show of Datang Lotus Garden, Gorgeous, Xi’an Qujiang 2020 on the net for you.

Lanterns in Datang Lotus Garden
Lanterns in Datang Lotus Garden

We love China, when spring comes, welcome to enjoy the beautiful lanterns in Datang Lotus Garden, Xi’an.

Lantern, Peacock welcomes guests
Peacock welcomes guests

The “Peacock Welcome” lamp group is 20.13 meters high and 32.87 meters wide. On January 17, it broke the original record and won the Guinness World Record title of “the largest vertical lantern”.

When the peacock opens the screen, it looks like a Bisha Palace fan, and those eyespots on the tail feathers reflect the brilliance, like the scene in the prosperous Tang Dynasty, dazzling.

The shape of the peacock with its wings open also means to welcome tourists from all over the world.

At the end of the “epidemic” and the spring is shining, bring your loved ones to Datang Lotus Garden to enjoy the lantern.

Lantern, Yu Yue Long Men
Yu Yue Long Men

“The three-foot carp of the Yellow River originally lived in Mengjin, not become Dragon, return to Fanyu.” (“黄河三尺鲤,本在孟津居,点额不成龙,归来伴凡鱼。” ) “YuYueLongMen” often used metaphors such as lifting and promotion of “FeiHuangTengDa”. It is also metaphorically moving forward against the current, striving forward.

Lantern, Children's playground
Children’s playground

Taking the paradise as the design concept and combining the zodiac rats, the joyful scene in the amusement park is presented in front of people’s eyes. Wish that every child will have a happy and carefree childhood.

"LOVE" light group
“LOVE” light group

With a beating heart as the theme, you can see a lot of keywords below the heart, such as “medium prize”, “thinning into lightning”, “white to glowing”, etc. Visitors can also step forward and leave your own Expectations for 2020.

Lantern, Dense Forest and Tweet Worm
Dense Forest and Tweet Worm

Butterflies wave their beautiful wings, and in the forest with cicadas, frogs and other insects ensemble a famous forest song belonging to their world. Deep in the forest, listening to the pleasant ensemble is very pleasant.

Lantern, Mandarin duck plays lotus
Mandarin duck plays lotus

A cormorant is a water bird, the male and female are often together. Therefore, folks often use it to describe husband and wife; we often hear a poem “I’m willing to be a fairy without envy”, praising beautiful love, and the surrounding by beautiful lotus flowers means happy love and happy life.

Lantern, Fantasy rattan tree
Fantasy rattan tree

Through the moonlight, come to the purple dreamland, picturesque, dreamlike, a string of wisteria branches hanging from the sky like a waterfall, welcoming every visitor in the breeze.

Lantern, Shangyuan Safe and Healthy
Shangyuan Safe and Healthy

Designed with the theme of people in the Chang’an city in the Tang Dynasty strolling through lanterns during the Shangyuan Festival.

On the day of the ShangYuan Festival in the Tang Dynasty, people went on the streets, watched the lights and the moon, sang songs and dances. At that time, there was a poem describing: “Jinwu can’t help the night, and jade leaks don’t rush.”(金吾不禁夜,玉漏莫相催)

Strolling in this lantern group, remember the Tang Dynasty, and make wish in the new year!

We also wish our Motherland go through with NPC “outbreak” test, and wish the country a good fortune and good health.

Lantern, Reed Wonderland
Reed Wonderland

1,500 reed lanterns and two fairy cranes that singing and drawing a beautiful picture for us. Regarding reeds, the Book of Poems reads “JianJiaCangCang, Egret as frost. The so-called Yi’ren, on the waterside “, Jian Jia means reed, the crane has the symbol of auspiciousness, loyalty, and longevity, and is called “fairy bird”.

It is hoped that these two “fairy birds” will bless the frontline workers involved in the “anti-epidemic” healthy and safe.

Lantern, Tao Yuan outside the world
Tao Yuan outside the world

Here, we have created the “fallen and colorful, delicious grass” paradise scene in Tao Yuanming’s “Peach Blossoms”, showing the flowers and comfortable, cozy and elegant environment of the Tang Lotus Garden, making every visitor here coming and playing, all seem to be immersed in nature, close to nature, and integrated into nature.

Lantern, The Spirit of Chu Paint
The Spirit of Chu Paint

It shows the lacquer workmanship of the Chu country. The Chu people’s lacquer painting art is very rich, especially the traditional Phoenix pattern because the bird is the totem of the Chu people. It reflects the characteristics of Chu people’s belief in gods and admiration of nature.

This year’s “Xi’an Da Tang Lotus Garden” and “Jingzhou Garden Expo Park” jointly held a twin-city and double-park lantern festival, allowing visitors to fully experience the charm of traditional culture. Although the lantern festival in the two places could not be linked because of the epidemic, the hearts of the people of the two ancient cities are still closely linked, let us add oil for Hubei, and add oil for China!

Lantern, Dream back to Chang'an
Dream back to Chang’an

Taking the scene in “Chang’an Twelve Hours” as the design element, the stage design was carried out. The stage scene in the TV is vividly restored, and the colors are retro, making people feel as if they are back to the flourishing Tang Dynasty and feel the lively atmosphere of the Lantern Festival.

Lantern, Fantasy flower ball
Fantasy flower ball

The colorful flowers are tightly wrapped together, forming beautiful flower balls, as if emitting a burst of floral fragrance and also attracting colorful butterfly, which has created a beautiful blossom Spring.

Lantern, Tang Dynasty Light Bar
Tang Dynasty Light Bar

The Ancient Tang Dynasty society was very open and diverse. Women in Tang Dynasty did not have to stay home. Instead, they were free to enter and exit public places, express their love freely, and even enter the court as officials.

Lantern, Combing clouds and moon
Combing clouds and moon

It refers to a woman dressing up, used to describe the appearance of a woman. Tang Dynasty women’s favorite buns are tall and fluffy, which can be used to insert accessories such as small combs.

Lantern, National spirit
National spirit

The national spirit refers to the essence of a country’s inherent culture. The Chinese national culture is the most representative and unique cultural heritage in the traditional culture of China, which is welcomed by people of many people.

Lantern, Kind and Beautiful
Kind and Beautiful

Lotus has an elegant name called Furong in Chinese, also the original name of Datang Lotus Garden, which means happiness in life, harmony, and beauty.

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