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The Most Naughty Monkey Breaks Car Wiper

A monkey savagely jumped on the hood of the car, hugged the wiper with both hands, and broke the wiper by standing on both feet…

Monkey breaks car wiper
Monkey breaks car wiper

This video was first posted at 10:57 a.m. on April 28 in Jiangda County, Qamdo City. After posting the video, Mr. Heineken asked for help: “I bought no deductible insurance, but the monkey who caused the accident can’t be found. Will the insurance company pay?”

Some netizens questioned why they didn’t get out of the car to drive the monkeys away. Mr. Heineken explained: “I don’t even dare to open the window.”

In fact, the practice of not driving the windows is right. Some netizens kindly reminded: “I was bitten by monkeys last year when I fed monkeys. I received several rabies vaccines. Please stay away from them.”

In an interview with Hebei Radio and Television, Mr. Heineken revealed: “I called the insurance company, the insurance company said it was man-made, they won’t pay.” Then he updated the follow-up video at 14:11 on April 30, in which he said: ” The monkey who broke the wiper went back to the mountains, and I didn’t dare to hit it. I don’t need the insurance company to pay for it, thank you for your concern. “

Monkey breaks car wiper
Monkey breaks car wiper

When traveling by car during the holiday, what should we do when encountering monkeys and other animals making troubles?

The reporter interviewed Mr. Guo, an insurance broker who usually deals with insurance companies on behalf of policyholders. He first expressed his views on Mr. Heineken’s video: “The loss of such wiper blades being broken by monkeys cannot be dealt with by Mr. Heineken. Time also matters. When he sees monkeys climbing the hood, he should stop this behavior as soon as possible. The insurance companies said that is man-made damage, not that the one who broke the wiper is the person, but that the result can be avoided, the owner’s inaction led to the latter result.”

Mr. Guo introduced the correct way to deal with encountering monkeys in self-driving tours: “First of all, keep calm and try to honk the horn to drive the monkeys away to avoid losses. If you fail to avoid damage to the wipers, windshields, mirrors, or car paint, you must assess the size of the loss. In fact, the repair cost of the wiper is only more than 100 yuan. If the insurance company really pays a claim, resulting in a sharp increase in the second year’s insurance premium, even as high as 30%, then the gain is not worth the loss. Many insurance companies have a 30% reduction in annual premiums without insurance for three consecutive years. So the owner can decide which is more cost-effective to repair the car yourself or make an insurance claim. If the loss is relatively large, you can make a claim according to the normal claims process such as on-site evidence collection, telephone reporting, etc.”

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Nancy Huang
I'm a journalist in Shenzhen, China. I have been working in several news agencies in China since 2008.


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