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27-year-old Landlady Has 400 Buildings with a Monthly Income of 200 Million, She Responds

More than 400 buildings, more than 10,000 rooms, each building has a monthly income of 500,000 yuan. The landmark is in Guangzhou … It is not a business giant on the Forbes list that created these numbers, but a 27-year-old “Landlady”.

The 27-year-old Landlady
The 27-year-old Landlady

On May 4th, the day of Youth Day, this news once reached the top of the hot search list.

Born in 1993, the girl builds her own business empire

This amazing news was revealed by a social platform blogger, Zhang Tejia. As can be seen from the video he produced, the protagonist of the story was sister D, born in 1993. Since 2013, she started investing in real estate at the age of 20. Today, in the Baiyun District of Guangzhou, she has 400 buildings and more than 10,000 rooms, and the monthly rental income of each building has reached 500,000 yuan.

Because there are too many houses, she often fails to recognize which one is her own. Later, special code boxes were installed in all of her houses, so that it could be better identified. If she wants to use the toilet when renting, just find a house with a password box.

The 27-year-old Landlady, How much money you make every month?
The 27-year-old Landlady, How much money you make every month?

According to Zhang Tejia, Sister D once claimed that if she sleeps in a room every day, she will have to sleep for 30 or 40 years before she finishes her sleep in a building in Guangzhou. Please note the focus: only Guangzhou, which means there are buildings in other areas.

The 27-year-old Landlady, Five or six hundred thousand per month
The 27-year-old Landlady, Five or six hundred thousand per month

Sister D said that in her third year of college, she bought the first building. It was very hard at first. She bought curtains, furniture, sanitation, and twisted legs, she did all by herself. When she got two or three buildings, she was too busy to start looking for assistants and later partners.

When do you feel like a rich woman? Sister D said: When you want to buy something, you can buy it even if it is a building.

The party’s appearance: Weibo is too exaggerated

A 27-year-old landlady actually made so much money! The news suddenly has blown up online, and some netizens began to account for Sister D: each building earns 500,000 a month, 400 buildings earn 200 million a month, and 2.4 billion a year … and some netizens ” Concerned about the tax issues of Sister D: Did you pay taxes with so much money?

Landlady, network pictures
Landlady, network pictures

On the morning of May 4, Sister D started a live broadcast and told her entrepreneurial story. When she was in college, Sister D’s family conditions were not particularly good. In order to live, she did various part-time jobs and had 6 jobs at most. After earning some money, Sister D used her vacation abroad to improve horizons. During the trip, she found that the homestays abroad were doing very well, while the domestic development was ordinary. After returning to China, he rented a 3-room house near the university, one for herself and two for others. Sister D also found someone to make a house listing website, specifically collecting listing information of houses.

In the first few years before the peak of Internet entrepreneurship, Sister D also made a running app, but it was a big waste of money. After graduating from college, Sister D not only did not make money but also indebted more than 2 million.

After the debt, Sister D was determined to make a stable money-making project. She began to choose to work as a housing agency. The previous listing website helped her a lot because there was a lot of information about homeowners. Later, she chose to make a long-term rental apartment. After the lease of the first building was obtained, she changed the long-term rental house into a short-term house and operated very well. Later, she made a second building and a third building. “If you don’t have enough money, find friends you know to invest and cooperate.”

The 27-year-old Landlady, find a partner
The 27-year-old Landlady, find a partner

Sister D emphasized that the vast majority of these hundreds of buildings were leaseholds, and only more than 10 buildings were bought on her own. The money she recovered was continuously invested in the leaseholds for building purchases. The earning money is not as exaggerated as what is said online. “The video says that I earn 500,000 yuan per building. In fact, I am talking about earning a maximum of 500,000 yuan, some earning tens of thousands, and even losing money.”

Sister D said that due to the epidemic this year, the house is not very easy to rent. She also wants to use the live broadcast to rent houses on the platform.

The 27-year-old Landlady, live streaming on network
The 27-year-old Landlady, live streaming on the network

After listening to Sister D’s live broadcast, netizens like and praise! “Anyway, this is the goddess.” “Representative of positive energy!”

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I'm a journalist in Shenzhen, China. I have been working in several news agencies in China since 2008.


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