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Death at Birth, Mother Cat gave birth to a Rare two-headed Kitten

Recently, a netizen’s video caught the attention. In the video, the netizen said that his cat was born, the first one was born successfully, and the second one was born for a long time. It turned out to be a rare two-headed cat. Although it was small, it could be seen with two heads and two mouths on the same body. Many netizens were shocked and expressed shock.

Two-headed cat
Two-headed cat

On April 28, Red Star News contacted the video publisher Ms. Yang, who confirmed to the reporter the authenticity of the video. Ms. Yang is a native of Linfen, Shanxi. She has two British short cats in her family: the male cat is called Meatball and the female cat is called Black Rice. At about 5 o’clock in the morning on the 26th, black rice began to produce. The first one was born a few minutes later, but the second one was not born.

“The second one was about two hours old, and at seven o’clock, my husband and I thought it was difficult to give birth, and there was only a little foot outstretched, finally we had to help it, and we found it was immobile after born. It ’s already dead, so I put it in a trash pocket. ”Ms. Yang told reporters that afterward, she felt that she still wanted to take another look at the dead kitten, and then took it out of the pocket and found another face when she turned its head, “I was screamed and scared, and then fell to the ground, I was very scared.”

Two-headed cat
Two-headed cat

Later, Ms. Yang went online to find out that this is a two-headed cat with a very low probability of production. She found the courage to catch the cat in her hand and showed it to the big cat. Cat Daddy ’s meatball was a little scared, and cat mother Black Rice seems to feel, sensing, licking her child, it did not want me to take it away, “Always follow me, as if knowing that I want to take it away, there are too many netizens following the first video, want to know the follow-up.”

Cat mother Black Rice
Cat mother Black Rice

Because she died after birth, in the end, Ms. Yang buried the two-headed cat beside a tree in the courtyard downstairs. Regarding the death of the double-headed cat, many netizens sent a private letter to Ms. Yang, suggesting to name the first surviving single seedling, “Lucky”, “Shuang Shuang”. Ms. Yang hoped that when the cat grows up, it can decide by itself.

For such a rare double-headed cat, Li Daibing, the director of the Chengdu West China Animal Hospital High-tech Store, said that the probability of birth of the double-headed cat is extremely low, and the hospital has not encountered it at present. It belongs to developmental malformation and genetic problems, which may be congenital, such as chromosome problems of male cats and female cats, or radiation problems, and stimulating drugs.

In addition, the survival rate of the two-headed cat is extremely low, and it is not recommended to survive. Because it is a two-headed cat, it is inconvenient for the cat in terms of life and eating, and the quality of life will be very poor. “Poor”, although two-headed cats are rare, Li Daibing said that from the perspective of doctors and experts, they are not recommended to survive, and they can be properly handled by euthanasia.

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Nancy Huang
I'm a journalist in Shenzhen, China. I have been working in several news agencies in China since 2008.



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