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Different Regions of China Sent their Loving Food to Wuhan

In order to ensure food supply after the closure of Wuhan, all parts of China have recently taken out their own food.

130 tons of Chinese cabbage sent by Shenyang

cabbage, China
Cabbage for Wuhan

On the 26th, on the Z12 train from Shenyang North to Guangzhou East, 20 tons of Northeast Chinese cabbage were sent to Wuchang Station.

This is part of the first batch of living supplies issued by Shenyang Railway Department to Wuhan in response to the epidemic. Northeast cabbage, a vegetable that is urgently needed by residents, totals 130 tons are planned to transport to Wuhan in 10 times.

130 tons of Chinese potatoes sent by Hohhot

potato, China

According to the Hohhot Railway Bureau, on January 26, in order to support the epidemic prevention in Wuhan, the first batch of 30 tons of potatoes were sent to Wuhan via K598 and K1278 trains respectively and will arrive on the 27th.

In the next few days, the railway department will also load 30 tons (130 tons in total) of potatoes into the Wuhan area every day by train luggage vehicle through Wuhan.

Radish from Jiangxi

Radish, Jiangxi, China
Radish, Jiangxi, China

In order to actively support Wuhan, the first batch of 160 tons of radishes purchased by Jiangxi Southwest Railway was transported to Wuhan through T147 and T168 trains for the first time and will be delivered daily from January 25.

Lotus from Guangzhou

lotus for Hubei of Chinese netizen
Lotus for Hubei of Chinese netizen: People like lotus root in Hubei

In addition to the special products, some regions sent their food that Wuhan people like best. Recently, Guangzhou Bureau Group has rushed to transport 90 tons of Lotus roots and other materials to aid Hubei.

The love relay is still going on. God bless China, people unite as one. We hope that the epidemic will end as soon as possible.

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Nancy Huang
I'm a journalist in Shenzhen, China. I have been working in several news agencies in China since 2008.


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