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The Darkest Chinese Food in Winter and Its Tradition

In the past, in the cold northeast region, China, for the convenience of storage, many foods could be frozen in winter, forming an “ice-and-snow diet” custom.

Frozen pear is the typical one, and also the natural healthy food during the Chinese New Year.

frozen pear, China
Frozen pears

It is understood that the Heishan County, Jinzhou, Liaoning Province is the main production area of local apple-pear, the frozen pears have a sweet taste, and slag-free.

In the past, most of the frozen pears eaten by people in Northeast China were naturally frozen outdoors, now many of them are frozen in cold storage.

frozen pear that sold, China
Frozen pears that sold on the street, very sweet, 5 yuan per kilogram

How to froze pear?

In the past, pear farmers in the Northeast region generally packed pears picked in autumn in boxes or large baskets and allowed them to freeze naturally.

In order to prevent cracking during the freezing process, a layer of water was sprayed on the pear surface to make water condense into thin ice and prevent water loss in the cracked fruit.

After little snow solar term, the temperature in the northeast has been very low, and fresh fruits have begun to decrease. The open-air wholesale market is suitable for frozen pears. These pears won’t be rot or thaw and are very popular.

Frozen pear is a kind of gift to the Northeast people. Frequent eating of frozen pear can relieve phlegm, cough, and is also suitable for the dry weather in the Northeast.

Many frozen pears, China
Many frozen pears, China

How to eat pear?

You can eat it directly, which is how most people choose to eat. This kind of raw food is not directly simmered, but first soaked in cold water to “thaw”, you can also “thaw” it in a microwave oven.

After the ice has completely turned into water, you can bite directly. The process of slowly freezing the frozen pears in the water by people in Northeast China is called “Huan” in Chinese. In the “Huan” process, the pulp may become slurry, which can be directly sucked.

You can also use frozen pear as ice cream, first, remove the black skin on the outside, and then stir the crushed ice with the pulp to taste like pear smoothies.

The white pulp of a frozen pear
The white pulp of a frozen pear

Both are Wonderful taste! Welcome to China in winter to taste this kind of particular and delicious fruit

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Nancy Huang
I'm a journalist in Shenzhen, China. I have been working in several news agencies in China since 2008.


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