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Trump: Only 1 Reason for the Coronavirus Diagnosis of Millions in the United States

On April 28 local time, the cumulative number of newly diagnosed cases of Novel Coronary Pneumonia in the United States exceeded 1 million, accounting for one-third of the total number of cases in the world.

As the leader of this country, US President Trump explained through social media that there is only one reason that can explain the extremely high number of diagnoses in the United States that is, the United States has the best detection capacity in the world!

Cumulative number of newly diagnosed pneumonia in the United States
Cumulative number of newly diagnosed pneumonia in the United States

On April 29th, Beijing time, Trump vocalized on social media, saying that the United States’ new crest virus detection capability can throw other countries in the world away from several streets (sooo much better than any other country), and this is the only reason for the reported number of confirmed cases reaching 1 million.

Correspondingly, other countries lag far behind the United States in detection capabilities, so they report far fewer confirmed cases.

Although according to the statistics of the “worldometers” website, the United States is indeed the country with the highest number of novel coronavirus detections in the world, with 5.9 million people tested, far exceeding the second place in Russia (3 million) and the third place in Germany (2 million). It cannot be used to explain the extremely serious epidemic in the United States.


Observer Network found out after carefully combing the development of the US from 1 to 1 million cases. Although the United States has tried various ways to frantically throw money at companies and people to save the market and increase the production of medical supplies, it has not forgotten to take the time to “dump the pot” to China and WHO in an attempt to reverse the world of public opinion.

But no matter which of the above-mentioned means, it has not brought a practical mitigating effect to the US epidemic. The United States has completely ignored the suggestions and warnings from China and the World Health Organization and has long neglected the hidden dangers of the spread of the local epidemic. Even the money that has been squandered, there has been a phenomenon of “big companies taking the lead”, and even “employment is worse than work.” The absurd farce that “make more money” and “relieve the blonde hair to the dead” happened.

The poor performance of the United States in the anti-epidemic process has even left the American media unable to sit still. On the 27th, the American Diplomatic Journal “National Interest” published an article entitled “Post-epidemic Times. Will the Trump Administration Make China Great Again?” “, Pointing out that the different manifestations of China and the United States in the epidemic may lead to a major change in the world order.

CCTV’s main station published an international sharp review on April 20 and pointed out that how to save lives in the face of a crisis tests the conscience and action of a country and society. The logic of the capital supremacy of the United States and the intensification of the polarization between the rich and the poor have prevented the most important right to the life of the American people from being fully protected. Westerners believe in the concept of “natural selection and survival of the fittest”, which forms a paradox with the values ​​of justice and equality that they advertise, resulting in the disregard of the interests of socially vulnerable groups under crisis.

Everyone’s life is only once. No matter what kind of social system, respect and protection of life are the basic bottom line. The so-called “this may be life” should never be an excuse for politicians to shirk their responsibilities. Only by letting go of prejudice, abandoning private interests, and strengthening cooperation can we earn more time for saving lives.

Comments of Chinese netizens, Trump
Comments of Chinese netizens, Trump

Appreciation of Chinese netizens’ Comments

“I suggest that Trump ’s speech should not be published in the international version in the future, it should be on the entertainment version.”

“People who have not been infected with the novel coronavirus will not be ill no matter how they are detected. Trump dares to brag!”

“Trump’s thoughts are so strange that no one can compare.”

“He should not be called Trump, In Chinese, he should be called Te Meipu”

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Nancy Huang
I'm a journalist in Shenzhen, China. I have been working in several news agencies in China since 2008.



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