Trump’s new idea: Treat Coronavirus with Strong light Irradiation and Injection of Disinfectant


Trump gave tips for treating novel coronavirus … On the 23rd local time, the White House held a news conference on the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic.

According to CNN, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Bill Bryan, a senior official of the Technology Bureau, said at the meeting that the sample experiments showed that (certain) sunlight, high temperature or humid conditions are not conducive to the virus (reproduction).

Bill Bryan, a senior official of the Technology Bureau,
Bill Bryan, a senior official of the Technology Bureau,

After listening to Brian ’s introduction, Trump immediately proposed a “new trick” on the spot—suggesting to try to use strong light irradiation or injection of disinfectant to treat the novel coronavirus infection.

Trump, joker
Trump, joker

CNN reported that Trump suggested Brian at the meeting that day to find a way to treat novel coronavirus patients with ultraviolet light or disinfectants.

“Assume that we irradiate the body with strong ultraviolet rays or very strong light. I think you said that this has not been verified. (But) you have to try it.” Trump suggested Bryan said.

He also added: “The disinfectant wiped it out (virus) within 1 minute. Is there a way we can do something similar by injection or similar to cleaning … try this, maybe interesting. “

Are you kidding

Why did Trump come up with this “trick”? It turned out that he only raised this idea after listening to Brian’s speech at the epidemic briefing that day.

Brian said at the meeting: “Our most striking observation so far is that, whether on the surface of (objects) or in the air, sunlight seems to have a strong effect on killing viruses. A similar effect is seen under certain temperature and humidity. Increasing temperature and humidity, or both, is usually bad for the virus. “Brian said.

Bryan said that increased temperature and humidity will cause the virus to die faster. “Because of exposure to high temperatures and humidity, the rate of virus death is much faster. If you add sunlight and ultraviolet light, the half-life will be reduced from 6 hours to 2 minutes.”

Brian also said at the meeting that disinfectants can kill coronavirus in 5 minutes, and isopropyl alcohol can kill viruses in 30 seconds.

“You (with disinfectant) wipe it, and it (virus) disappears faster,” he added.

However, CNN also stated that earlier this month, members of the Standing Committee of the National Academy of Sciences of New Infectious Diseases and Health Threats in the 21st Century wrote to the White House that the coronavirus does not seem to disappear even when the weather is warming.

“There is evidence that (coronavirus) transmission is less efficient in environments with higher temperatures and humidity; however, given the global lack of host immunization, if major public health interventions are not taken at the same time, the reduction in transmission efficiency may not cause disease The spread is significantly reduced, “the letter said.

The letter also wrote that in reality, the novel coronavirus is still spreading in countries with a warm climate. “Given that countries currently in a ‘summer’ climate … are experiencing rapid virus transmission, (so) it should not be assumed that increased humidity and temperature in other areas will lead to a reduction in (new) cases.”

Appreciation of Chinese netizens’ Comments

Comments from Chinese netizens
Comments from Chinese netizens

“Especially unreliable: my method is perfect! No one is smarter than me! You should all listen to me! I spent billions of dollars! I say stand-up comics to you every day!! Is it easy for me?”

“I came to see the series, there is a monkey in the series.”

“Trump: Can we make a big cauldron, put the earth in, and then add the disinfectant, and cook for a few minutes, this is a good suggestion, you try it.”

Mum of Trump

“I came to see the joke, Trump.”

“It should indeed be tested by injecting disinfectant on the body of “Especially unreliable” to see what happens. Then promote it across the United States.”



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