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French Pilot Was Ordered to Transport 16 Million Masks from China, Diagnosed on Entry

According to a report on the French website of German RTL TV station on April 7, France ordered 16 million masks in China and sent pilots to Shanghai to pick up the goods. Unexpectedly, some pilots were found positive for the novel coronavirus. The masks were originally scheduled to arrive in France on the 6th, but they are still stranded in Shanghai and cannot be transported away.

Masks ordered, France
Masks ordered, France

According to the report, in order to strictly prevent the emergence of a “second wave” of the epidemic in China, Chinese airports will conduct virus testing on all inbound passengers. One of the three French pilots who came to remove the mask was tested positive for the virus and was immediately quarantined. This aircraft is also not allowed to fly, so these masks are still stranded in Shanghai.

RTL quoted government sources as saying that China and France are negotiating to find a solution as soon as possible. The solution currently envisaged is that French pilots will not disembark after arriving in Shanghai in the future so that they can avoid virus detection in China.

Transport plane
Transport plane

This news caused a lot of attention from French netizens. A netizen said: “The first reaction to seeing this news is to laugh, but cry when you smile.”

French netizen
French netizen

We become a joke in the entire world.

French netizen
French netizen

For some people questioning why the Chinese government refused to let the pilots go, some French netizens said: “Why blame China? We decided not to test all citizens, we are trying to avoid testing.”

French netizen
French netizen

“Air France does not have the right to test its employees for viruses, and China decided to systematically test all arriving pilots.”

French netizen
French netizen

“I like this kind of” picking “by the Chinese government, which is very responsible, otherwise pilots may infect passengers, colleagues or family members.”

French netizen
French netizen

“If one of the pilots is infected, the other two pilots may also be infected during the flight because they need to change seats during the flight.”

French netizen
French netizen

Some netizens said: “The government should send us all to China for testing …”

French netizen
French netizen
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