Haidilao and Xibei Increase Prices! Foreign Fast Food and Takeaways are Also More Expensive


“Haidilao is obviously more expensive. Two people spend 360 yuan and the previous dishes cost about 300 yuan!” “Maodu is almost 80 yuan that is expensive!” The enterprise raised the price, causing many foodies to complain.

On April 7th, a reporter visited many restaurants in Nanjing and found that the prices of certain dishes such as Haidilao and Xibei in Nanjing have been raised. Prices of some “foreign fast food” and snack bars have also been raised.

Haidilao, China
Haidilao, China

Some dishes in Haidilao, Nanjing rose by 2 to 4 yuan

“A piece of potato costs 1.5 yuan, and a bowl of rice costs 7 yuan…” Recently, some netizens spit out the price increase of Haidilao. Has the price of Haidilao in Nanjing gone up?

At noon on April 7th, a reporter saw at a Haidilao store in the Xinjiekou business district that the door of the restaurant was not as hot as it used to be. By comparing the consumption bills of the same store in January 2020 and the current price of the dishes, the reporter found that the price of most meat dishes increased by 4 yuan, and the price of vegetarian dishes increased by 2 yuan.

January 2020, Haidilao Billing Statement
January 2020, Haidilao Billing Statement

Among several popular items, dishes with rising prices are:

The price of Laopai Crispy Hairy Belly was increased from 72 yuan to 76 yuan;

The Laopai duck intestine rose from 44 yuan per serving to 48 yuan per serving;

The unit price of Laopai Spicy Beef also increased from RMB 62 per serving to RMB 66 per serving.

The reporter also found that there are also single products that maintain the original price:

The classic snack “Fresh Fried Crispy Pork” is still RMB 46 per serving;

Haidilao, Laopai Kung Fu Noodle
Haidilao, Laopai Kung Fu Noodle

The price of “Laopai Lao Noodle”, which can be enjoyed while eating, is maintained at 8 yuan per serving.

How much is a bowl of rice in the Nanjing store?

Currently, 6 yuan per bowl in Haidilao Zhujiang Road Store.

Haidilao's current price of some single products
Haidilao’s current price of some single products

Earlier, the person in charge of Haidilao said in an interview with the media that this round of price increases was affected by the epidemic and rising costs, but the overall price adjustment of dishes was controlled at 6%, and different cities implemented differentiated pricing.

Menu of Xibeiyoumian Village
Menu of Xibeiyoumian Village

It is said that the price of Xibei Youmian Village has also risen. What is the situation in Nanjing? The waiter in the Xibei store in Xinjiekou Business District told the reporter that the menu was adjusted once and some dishes were updated. The prices of some dishes have increased.

Xibei Youmian Village in Nanjing, China
Xibei Youmian Village in Nanjing, China

For example, the signature lamb skewers have risen from 6 yuan to 7 yuan. However, the price-increasing dishes are mainly meat dishes, and the prices of staple food and snacks are mostly maintained at the original prices.

Some “foreign fast foods” have adjusted their prices, rising by 0.5 yuan to 3 yuan

Led by Haidilao and Xibei, are there any other brands to follow up? During the visit, the reporter found that some “foreign fast food” stores in Nanjing have also quietly increased their prices.

KFC in China

A KFC clerk on Shigu Road told the reporter that some of the items in their restaurants do have price adjustments. “Each store is different.” She said. The reporter learned that many consumers only responded after placing an order, and found that the price of some items increased. “A KFC clerk in the Central Mall said that the store started to increase prices in January this year, ranging from 0.5 yuan to 3 yuan.

During the visit, the reporter found that some McDonald’s stores also experienced price increases. A McDonald’s clerk on Hongwu Road said that the price had been adjusted by the end of 2019. However, the promotional activities they recently launched are relatively strong, and there are many customers in line. Xiao Chen, a consumer who is waiting for food, said that the price of a hamburger he used to eat was 18 yuan, now, 18.5 yuan, an increase of 0.5 yuan. Xiao Chen said, “The price increase is relatively small, even if it rises to 19 yuan, it will not affect my purchase.”

Chinese takeaway
Chinese takeaway

The takeaway price rises by two or three yuan and the actual payment is 6 yuan more expensive

Many consumers also said that the price of takeaway food has also risen.

“It takes thirty or forty yuan to order any meal.” Xiao Xu, who works in Nanjing, told the reporter that the price of a Japanese bento she ordered in November 2019 was 38.8 yuan, and the actual price after using the coupon was 18.8 Yuan, but the current pricing is 40.8 Yuan, the price after using the coupon is 24.8 Yuan, the actual payment is 6 Yuan more expensive than before. Xiao Xu said that she can accept the price increase, but if too much, she will spend a lot of money just for eating every month.

The reporter then called the Japanese bento store, and the staff in the store said that the prices of the raw materials and shipping costs of the ingredients have increased, so the prices of the dishes in the store have been raised by one or two yuan.

In addition, the reporter saw on the takeaway platform that the unit price of a spicy incense pot also increased. The rice rose from 1.2 yuan to 2 yuan, the Chiba tofu rose from 4.2 yuan to 4.88 yuan, and the bones and flesh rose from 4.8 yuan to 6.88 yuan. In a Chinese fast-food restaurant, the price of a three-cup chicken rose from 15 yuan to 16.8 yuan, and broccoli rose from 6.8 to 7.8 yuan.

Expert: The price adjustment of some catering enterprises has the factor of increasing cost

Catering companies in China, Epidemic
Catering companies in China, Epidemic

What are the reasons for the price increase in catering companies? Will the price increase become a trend?

Xuerong Yu, executive chairman of the Jiangsu Food and Beverage Industry Association, told the reporter that there are currently three reasons for the price increase of some catering companies: First, not all catering companies can enjoy preferential policies such as rent reduction and exemption, and normal rent during the epidemic, employee’s salary, and other capital expenditures make the company’s cost-sharing and comprehensive pressure relatively large. Second, with the spread of foreign epidemics, the cost of raw materials, packaging, and transportation of some imported food materials have increased, and the cost of restaurant operations has increased. The third is the pursuit of catering companies to improve their own quality.

Yu said that the price increase is a manifestation of the adjustment of catering enterprises according to their own operating conditions, which is only a manifestation of some catering enterprises in the short term. He believes that as the financial situation of catering companies returns to normal and the cost-sharing pressure decreases, prices will return to normal.



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