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The Fattest Concubine Yang in Xi’an

Recently, in the “Twelve Hours of Chang’an” in the Tangfeng market life experience block in Xi’an, Shaanxi, Wang Yu, a girl weighing 100kg who played Yang Guifei, accidentally became popular on the Internet.

The Fattest Concubine Yang, Xi'an
The Fattest Concubine Yang, Xi’an

On May 11, she told the reporter that at the beginning, she was a person who could not even comb her hair together. In order to perform Yang Guifei, she followed the video to learn how to braid her hair for three days.

“I hope my performance can bring joy and beauty to everyone, and at the same time let the excellent traditional culture spread better.”

Wang Yu said that since her role as Concubine Yang became popular on the Internet, many tourists come to the scenic spot to take photos with her every day.

“I am very happy to be recognized and loved by everyone. Since May 1st, netizens from all over the country have come to take pictures with me. At night, when netizens meet me on the way home after getting off work, they will ask me to take pictures, although I was already very tired. But after all, people came all the way, hoping to fulfill their wishes.”

The Fattest Concubine Yang, Xi'an
The Fattest Concubine Yang, Xi’an

The reporter learned that this Xi’an girl is 28 years old this year. She has been engaged in the design of dim sum culture in the Tang Dynasty.

About a year after graduation, she was diagnosed with a disease. After more than 4 years, because she had to take a lot of hormone-containing drugs, her weight also increased from about 65kg to nearly 100kg now.

It wasn’t until last year that she listened to a doctor before switching her treatment plan. “I was originally an optimist, but occasionally I feel inferior because of my weight. During this period, I have been losing weight, conditioning my body, and wanting to maintain a healthy state.” Wang Yu said, with the persuasion and encouragement of friends and family, Gradually she overcame her weight anxiety and slowly accepted herself as she was.

The Fattest Concubine Yang, Xi'an
The Fattest Concubine Yang, Xi’an

Wang Yu said that her mother had helped her the most along the way. “She has been worrying about my body and will give me medicine every morning and evening. I have been busy recently, and my mother has been working as an assistant in my life. Usually, she may be bored at home alone, but the scenic spot is lively, and traveling with me every day will make her happier. “

Wang Yu said that she spends at least three hours alone every morning doing makeup, hair, and clothing, and she works about 9 hours a day. In order to maintain her makeup, she will try to choose foods that are easy to swallow for her lunch.

“Many fans are waiting. They don’t have much time to eat. They will be very tired after a day’s work. Because they have to laugh all the time, their faces are sore after getting off work.”

Back in the winter of 2019, Wang Yu wore Hanfu for the first time, “Actually, some friends around me often say that I am very suitable for Hanfu, and some people say that I am the real version of Yang Guifei, so I also gave myself a ‘杨贵肥’ name.”

Since then, Wang Yu has fallen in love with Hanfu and began to study and research related makeup, headdress, clothing selection, matching, etc. Now, she has five or six sets of Hanfu.

“I mostly study online from professional video tutorials or ancient costume TV series clips, or even a certain beautiful dance clip. I used to be a person who couldn’t even put my hair together. In order to teach me how to dress up as Concubine Yang Guifei, I watched the video for three days.” Wang Yu said.

It is understood that Wang Yu has his own shop of Tang Dynasty dim sum culture in Xi’an Tangfeng Shijing Life Experience Street.

On April 30, the “Twelve Hours of Chang’an”, the Tangfeng Market Life Experience Street, is open to the public. Wang Yu will perform the making of Tang Dynasty dim sum and calligraphy display for tourists every afternoon. Wang Yu said with a smile that recently, her work focus is on the twelve o’clock performance in Chang’an, including taking pictures with fans.

Wang Yu said that she thought the most difficult part of playing Concubine Yang was the piano, chess, and dance. “I’m studying art, and painting and calligraphy can be well displayed, but I haven’t had any contact with dance and chess before, and I will pay attention to research in my future roles.” Seeing her popularity on the Internet, Wang Yu’s friend once said that she finally got through. “The products I made before have not been noticed by everyone. This time I played Yang Guifei not only to promote the scenic spot but also to attract attention to the products I designed. The two complement each other.”

Wang Yu believes that her role as Concubine Yang is entertainment first, and her original intention is to bring happiness to everyone and spread traditional culture better.

“Of course, I have also been studying history, and I also stay up late to watch tutorial videos. Learning is a process. I hope I can be closer to the character in the future, and I also hope to make better cultural and creative products around Chinese culture.”

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Nancy Huang
I'm a journalist in Shenzhen, China. I have been working in several news agencies in China since 2008.



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