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The Fattest Concubine Yang in Xi’an

Recently, in the "Twelve Hours of Chang'an" in the Tangfeng market life experience block in Xi'an, Shaanxi, Wang Yu, a girl weighing...

The Epitaph of Shangguan Wan’er is Exhibited to the Public for the First time

The Epitaph of Shangguan Wan'er is Exhibited to the Public for the First time Recently, the Shaanxi Archaeological...

Full List of Xi’an Putian Hospital: Bribery, Corruption, No Medical Ethics

Relevant information shows that Putian controls over 80% of private hospitals in China! Putian hospitals in China

The Windows of Cars Were Smashed, Cash Lost, Xi’an Qujiang

In the early morning of February 29, some car windows were smashed, near Xi'an Qujiang Jinhui World City Community.

The Emptiest 24 hours in Xi’an under Coronavirus

On February 4, 2020, the beginning of spring, in Chinese, the beginning means "Establishing"; spring means warmth. Xi'an,...
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The Sweetest Pear in Autumn

There is a pear in Dangshan, Anhui Province. It is firmly seated on the throne of the first of the three traditional...

This Lake Has the Most and Cheapest Fish

Recently, Mr. Liu, a citizen of Lu'an City, Anhui Province, said that the water level of Chengxi Lake had dropped sharply, this...

The Most Popular Luosifen in Taiwan

On August 5th, the news that the map could show every street in Taiwan Province spread, and many netizens went to find...

China’s Longest Wooden Arch Bridge Are Burned Down

On the evening of August 6, a fire broke out at the Wan'an Bridge in Pingnan, Ningde, Fujian, a key cultural relics...