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Full List of Xi’an Putian Hospital: Bribery, Corruption, No Medical Ethics

Relevant information shows that Putian controls over 80% of private hospitals in China!

Putian hospitals in China
Putian hospitals in China

Putian hospital bribes local authorities and the attached hospitals, exacerbating medical corruption.

Putian hospitals occupy the market locally. There are even some of them in one place, and they circulate patients within their own hospitals, squeezing the life-saving money of patients.

Putian hospitals have adopted bright names, which are misleading to think that it is an official hospital or even a public hospital, squandering the trust of the people and the credibility of the government.

Putian hospital only pursues the maximization of benefits and neglects medical ethics. This kind of indifference that puts people’s lives in disregard is simply irritating, and their sins cannot be described.

According to incomplete statistics from hospital insiders, the annual outpatient turnover of Xi’an Putian Private Hospital is about 270 million yuan. It has been in Xi’an for about 15 years and the cumulative revenue has exceeded 4.05 billion yuan.

The high cost of treatment, Putian
The high cost of treatment, Putian

At present, there are about 47 hospitals or clinics run by people in Dongzhuang Town, Xiuyu District, Putian, Xi’an. The list is as follows:

  1. Xi’an Reproductive Health Hospital
  2. Shaanxi Beilin Kangjie Hospital
  3. East Ring Hospital of Xi’an New City
  4. Xi’an Baqiao Dongcheng Hospital
  5. Xi’an New City Qinhan Hospital
  6. Shaanxi Old Medical Association Reproductive Medicine Hospital
  7. Department of Gynecology, Xi’an Kunlun Hospital (Contracted Department of Kunlun Plant Hospital)
  8. Shaanxi Reproductive Health Center
  9. Xi’an Lianhu Sea and Air Hospital
  10. Xi’an Lianhu Antai Hospital
  11. Xi’an City Hospital
  12. Department of Andrology and Gynecology (Contracted Department) of the Armed Police College Hospital
  13. Gynecology Department of Xi’an Metallurgy Hospital (Contracted Department of Metallurgical Plant Hospital)
  14. Department of Gynecology, Xi’an Lijun Hospital (Contracted Department of Pharmaceutical Factory Hospital)
  15. Xi’an Huimin Outpatient Department (contracted)
  16. Xi’an Kangjia Institute of Epilepsy
  17. Department of Andrology, PLA 323 Hospital (Contracted Department of Military Hospital)
  18. Department of Gynecology, PLA 323 Hospital (Contracted Department of Military Hospital)
  19. Xi’an Yanta Shuguang Hospital
  20. Xi’an Yanta Zhengda Hospital
  21. Xi’an Yanta Shenlong Hospital
  22. Xi’an Yanta Zhongshan Hospital
  23. Xi’an Huaren Hospital
  24. Xi’an Jiulong Hospital (legal registered name: Xi’an Jiulong Outpatient Department)
  25. Xi’an Beilin Hongye Hospital
  26. Xi’an Beauty Cube Aesthetic Hospital
  27. Xi’an Lianhu Datang Hospital
  28. Xi’an New City Junhai Hospital
  29. Xi’an Weiyang Huiren Hospital (the hospital was contracted)
  30. Xi’an Beicheng Hospital
  31. Xi’an Beihuan Hospital (the hospital was contracted)
  32. Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Dermatological Disease Control
  33. Xi’an Beilin Huiqun Wuzhou Hospital
  34. Xi’an New City Sanqin Hospital
  35. Xi’an Lianhu Guangji Hospital
  36. Xi’an New Town Youhao Hospital
  37. Xi’an Beilin Huadu Gynecological Hospital
  38. Xi’an Ci’ai Gynecological Hospital
  39. Xi’an Lianhu West China Hospital (Contracted Hospital)
  40. Xi’an Lianhu Da’an Hospital (contracted to the former Xi’an Nationalities Hospital)
  41. Red Cross Hospital of Lianhu District, Xi’an (contracted hospital)
  42. Xi’an New City Broad University Hospital (known as Xi’an Broad University Institute of Andrology)
  43. Xi’an North Chinese Medicine Dermatology Hospital (known as Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine Vitiligo Clinical Research Center)
  44. Xi’an Weikang Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital
  45. Xi’an New City North Medical Clinic (known as Xi’an Hefangtang Traditional Chinese Medicine Anti-Aging Institute)
  46. ​​Xi’an New City Zhongda Otolaryngology Hospital
  47. Xi’an Lianhu Fuchun Clinic
Putian Hospital

The leading enterprises of Putian in Xi’an:

  1. Shaanxi Red Cross Friendship Hospital
  2. Shaanxi Zhongde Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Orthopaedics Hospital
  3. Shaanxi Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine
  4. Shaanxi Metallurgical Hospital
  5. Shaanxi Armed Police Hospital
  6. Shaanxi Corps Hospital of Armed Police
  7. Xi’an Sunshine Hospital
  8. Xi’an Dairen Hospital
  9. Xi’an Shenlong Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital
  10. Xi’an Lianhu Jingke Hospital
  11. Department of Anorectal Diseases, Xi’an Sanqiao Armed Police Hospital
  12. Xi’an Dongda Anorectal Hospital
  13. Xi’an National Medical Hospital
  14. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 451 Hospital of Xi’an Liberation Army
  15. Xi’an Yellow River Pharmaceutical Company
  16. Xi’an Anqi er Maternity Hospital
  17. Baoji Far-Great Anorectal Hospital
  18. Women of Baoji Third People’s Hospital
  19. Yulin Sunshine Hospital
  20. Yan’an Sunshine Urology Hospital
  21. Xi’an Huaren Hospital
  22. Xi’an Sanqin Hospital
  23. Xi’an Tsoi Hospital
  24. Xi’an Union Hospital
  25. Xi’an Pok Oi Hospital
  26. Xi’an Huadu Hospital
  27. Xi’an Shuguang Hospital
  28. Xi’an Tianyou Hospital
  29. Xi’an Guangci Hospital
  30. Xi’an Dairen Hospital
  31. Longquan Hospital of Chang’an District
  32. Some departments of Air Force 451 Hospital and People’s Liberation Army 323 Hospital are leased, especially Longquan Hospital in Chang’an District, most are rental or contracted departments.

Putian Department of Dentistry in Xi’an:

  1. Shengbei Dental
  2. Nobel Dental
  3. Yazhi oral
  4. Baier Oral
  5. Hengya oral
  6. 323 Hospital Stomatology
  7. 451 Hospital Stomatology
  8. Huamei Dental
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