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The Craziest Wild Boar Broke into Community

On May 7, 8 wild boars broke into Hangzhou Taoyuan Town.

The Craziest Wild Boar Broke into Community
The Craziest Wild Boar Broke into Community

On the 8th, three wild boars ran around in the community and burst into the residents’ garden. The community security captain injured his left leg when driving the wild boars.

The Craziest Wild Boar Broke into Community
The Craziest Wild Boar Broke into Community

Yesterday, Ms. Yu reported to reporters that their home was also attacked by wild boars. “My husband and wild boars had a desperate fight.”

The wild boar that attacked their home was the largest of the three wild boars that had made a fuss in Taoyuan Town the day before. “It is estimated to weigh more than 50 Kilograms.” After being driven from Luyun Garden, the wild boar broke into her home after escaping into Bernshire.

Ms. Yu’s house is a townhouse on the east side. She only lived in it in 2018. Her son works in Shanghai, and she usually lives there with her husband.

Around 8:50 the day before yesterday, Ms. Yu’s husband, Mr. Yu, was planting roses in the yard. “It was almost done. I stood up and walked to the steps. Outside the yard, a big wild boar stood looking at me, and I take a look at it, too.”

Mr. Yu recalled that he saw blood on the wild boar’s mouth.

The wild boar broke an iron railing, ran into the yard, and rushed towards Mr. Yu who was standing on the steps.

The Craziest Wild Boar Broke into Community
The Craziest Wild Boar Broke into Community

“It must have been frightened, like crazy, rushed over, grabbed my hand, and held on, I shook my hands a few times and broke free from the boar. The wild boar chased again, I ran to the side, picked up the scissors for flower branches, the head of the scissors was broken, and they were not very sharp. I waved the scissors, the wild boar kept staring at him, and the scissors probably poked its head and face. “Yesterday, when Mr. Yu recalled the scene at that time, he still had lingering fears.

“I was thinking of letting it go out quickly, but it chased me. The iron gate of our house was pulled inward. I didn’t have time to do such a pull.” Mr. Yu said, he ran down the steps to open the door. The wild boar rushed over, he and the wild boar fought a few more times, finally opened the iron door, escaped, and hid behind the car outside the yard.

Ms. Yu closed the door immediately and saw the wild boar through the window, and the wild boar rushed towards the house.

The Craziest Wild Boar Broke into Community
The Craziest Wild Boar Broke into Community

At 9:03, Ms. Yu called the police. She heard a banging sound from the south gate, “It was hitting the glass door on the south side. Two doors banged and the glass door was knocked open.

Fortunately, Behind the glass door is the dining table. The dining table was blocked, and the glass door didn’t fall to the ground.

When the wild boar hit it, I waved to my husband, and he hurriedly ran from the yard into the room.

“Later I received a call from the police. The police said that the wild boar had run away from your house, but I still dared not come out. It took a long time before I went out.”

Mr. Yu is in his 50s and strong. This time, because of panic, he lost one of his shoes as he ran away.

“One shoe was full of blood and it was soaked. I was carrying the shoe, and the blood was dripping down.” Ms. Yu said that her husband’s hands and feet were bloody at the time.

The Craziest Wild Boar Broke into Community
The Craziest Wild Boar Broke into Community

At 9:25 in the morning, the 120 ambulances arrived, and Mr. Yu was sent to the Yuhang District of the First Hospital of Zhejiang University.

The emergency doctor said that the rabies vaccine should be administered first, and he rushed to Yuhang Third People’s Hospital in Pingyao.

After the vaccine, he returned to Zhejiang University. The Yuhang District of the first hospital had a debridement operation, and it was late at night after the operation.

After diagnosis, Mr. Yu’s right index finger was fractured, and he underwent steel nail fixation.

The Craziest Wild Boar Broke into Community
The Craziest Wild Boar Broke into Community

“The doctor said that the teeth of wild boars are very poisonous. I was worried about infection. The debridement operation was performed on a relatively large area.”

Mr. Yu had torn and biting wounds on both hands, his hands were swollen to a high degree, and his knees and calf shin were injured in many places.

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