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Shameless Respect! A Company Sold Moutai at Original Price to Medical Team Supporting Hubei

On March 23, the Guizhou Liquor Exchange announced that “in order to express its deep respect for the heroes of Coronavirus Epidemic “, the company will directly supply Feitian Moutai at the original price of 1499 yuan to 1,443 medical staff of Guizhou Medical Team that supporting Hubei. This caused widespread public concern, and the public questioned that the company was hyping.

Guizhou Liquor Exchange "Buy Moutai at Affordable Price", Event Poster
Guizhou Liquor Exchange “Buy Moutai at Affordable Price”, Event Poster

On March 23, some media issued a press from the Guizhou Liquor Exchange that in order to express its deep respect for the “war-fighting” heroes, the Guizhou Liquor Exchange will directly supply Feitian Moutai to the 1,443 medical staff of the Guizhou Medical Team that supporting Hubei at the price of 1499 yuan per bottle.

The reporter noticed that Guizhou Liquor Exchange also announced specific purchase methods. All medical staff in Guizhou Province need only pay attention to the company’s official WeChat and provide relevant information. After verification, they can buy 6 bottles of 53 ° 500ml Feitian Moutai at the company’s online platform at the price of 1499 yuan/bottle. According to data from the e-commerce platform on March 24, the retail price of 53-degree 500ml Feitian Moutai was about 2800 yuan, up nearly 85% from the original price of 1499 yuan per bottle.

Sky eye inspection data showed that Guizhou Liquor Exchange had no direct relationship with Guizhou Moutai Group. The shareholding structure of Guizhou Liquor Exchange shows that the company was established by a total of 5 companies including Jinhui Wealth Capital Management Co., Ltd., Guizhou Hengfeng Weiye Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., and Guizhou Huibang Industrial Co., Ltd., which was the established wine element trading market that approved by the Guizhou Provincial People’s Government that providing a variety of services such as liquor product issuance, trading, and so on.

On March 24, the reporter contacted the Guizhou Liquor Exchange to inquire about the specific operating rules of the medical team that assisting Hubei to purchase Feitian Moutai. Customer service personnel said that the relevant operations were only carried out through the company’s e-commerce platform.

Information needed for medical staff to purchase Moutai at the original price
Information needed for medical staff to purchase Moutai at the original price

The reporter then downloaded the Guizhou Liquor Exchange e-commerce platform and consulted the purchase rules through customer service. Customer service staff said that they need to submit their name and mobile phone number, a job certificate, and a work certificate to assist Hubei to purchase the original price of Feitian Moutai provided by the company. Liquor Exchange will issue a Moutai liquor purchase coupon after verification, and they use the coupon to purchase liquor at the original price.

The customer service staff also said that if the purchaser is not able to pick up the liquor, they can also use the express delivery method.

How many medical staff have purchased Feitian Moutai since the activity started? The customer service staff said that there were no specific statistics.

Guizhou Liquor Exchange
Guizhou Liquor Exchange

The reporter noticed that the “Original Price to Buy Moutai” activity has triggered widespread discussions on social media since its launch on March 23. A public account quoted relevant news and commented, “Doesn’t your conscience hurt when taking this opportunity to hype?

There is also a public account for liquor from the media. Last year, Guizhou Moutai Company sold Feitian Moutai to the public at 1499 yuan per bottle. “If Guizhou Liquor Exchange is truly grateful, please give the wine directly to the heroes, don’t embarrass the heroes who don’t have enough income, don’t hurt their self-esteem intentionally or unintentionally.”

On March 24, the reporter contacted the Guizhou Liquor Exchange Office to try to interview the relevant person in charge of the company. However, the office staff said that they would record related issues and pass them to the marketing department.

Relevant persons in charge of the Guizhou Liquor Exchange have previously told the media, “Heroes of the epidemic war build a solid line of defense side by side, they are the loveliest people in this era and deserve the highest respect from everyone. May their efforts be remembered by the world after the epidemic. “

Domestic wine industry expert Cai Xuefei told reporters that the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic was a major public health event in China in recent years, and Feitian Moutai had been in a state of scarcity and high prices. “Providing such parity benefits is a public meeting with corporate social responsibility and a good brand image. The only thing that needs to be considered is that there may be some misalignment between the consumers of Moutai and the general medical staff.

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