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Items from the Crash Site of China Eastern Airlines

The search and rescue of the crashed flight of China Eastern have touched the hearts of countless people. Since the early hours of this morning, it has rained at the rescue site of the crash of the China Eastern Airlines passenger plane, and the search work has been forced to suspend.

What items have been found so far? They serve as silent witnesses to which we can read.

The wreckage of the plane, scattered everywhere

Aircraft Wreckage

The reporters who went deep into the front line had to be very careful when walking. The core area of ​​the crash was full of wreckage. They were numbered one by one by experts and drew a blue cordon.

One of the wreckages, which is as high as a person above the ground, is difficult to find in the aerial footage. It was tried by the armed police at the scene to remove it by hand, but it was found that it could not be moved at all. Part of the wreckage was so deeply embedded in the soil that it could not be moved. Search and rescue workers speculated that many aircraft components may be buried under the rubble.

Safety Buckle, Jade, Web image

At the scene of the accident, the wreckage with the missing words of China Eastern Airlines has been protected. Initially, the video of the wreckage of the fuselage was circulated on the Internet and was once considered by netizens to be a fake foreign video being transported. At that time, they hoped that MU5735 had successfully landed at Baiyun Airport, and the relatives and friends who were greeted there finally met the person they wanted to meet.

The wreckage at the scene was scattered over a very large area, as well as on the other side of the hill. From the thermal imaging image, almost all of the red parts are aircraft wreckage. At the scene, the trees hit by the wreckage of the fuselage showed a “burr-like” shape, and the bamboo with the thickness of the thigh was broken. The ground that was originally red soil turned black, and the orchards and terraces were impacted into flat ground and pits. When it rained, water began to accumulate. The oranges are about to ripen, and the wreckage of the plane hangs in the orange forest.

“Safe Button” Note

“Ping’an button, the outer circle is round… It means everything is all right, career is smooth sailing, family is full and happy, the word Ping An in the Ping An button has a clear meaning and symbolizes peace every year…” This note with the meaning of the Ping An button, it outlines people’s expectations for life.

Some netizens speculated that there were several passengers on the plane who were engaged in the jade jewelry industry and often traveled between Yunnan and Guangdong. Perhaps this piece of paper once belonged to one of them.

Reporter covers flight Crew ID with hand

Crew ID

During CCTV’s live broadcast, reporter Zhang Tengfei saw a flight attendant’s certificate and immediately reached out to cover it. “There is still a chance before the golden 72 hours. I hope its owner is still safe,” he said.

Crash site, Wallet

Wallet with high-speed rail Tickets

In this wallet, there is a high-speed rail ticket for c772 on March 11. Maybe that trip took the owner of the wallet from Nanchong to Guang’an South Station.

During the pandemic, the owner was still traveling between several provinces and cities, and he must be people who work hard to live.

In addition to RMB, we can also vaguely see the foreign currency in the wallet, which looks like 2,000 Vietnamese dong, which is about 5 cents.

Crash site, bow hair tie

Bow Hair Tie

The black bow hair tie is a popular style in recent years, and its owner must be a girl who loves beauty.

Crash site, jersey


Dark blue, red, and white, some fans said that in terms of color and shape, this jersey looks like a Paris Saint-Germain (also known as Paris) jersey.

This is the team that Messi currently plays for, and the owner of the jersey may be a sports fan, imagining that one day he will be able to see the star at the scene.

Power Bank

One of the first objects discovered.

Perhaps because worrying about relatives and friends would not be able to get in touch, his owner insisted on taking it. When discovered, the power bank was covered in mud.

Crash site, Oxygen Mask

Oxygen Mask

On the transparent plastic oxygen mask, the correct use method is painted, maybe it was the hope of a passenger.

Crash site, French textbook

French Textbook

A plain French textbook with pages burned around and with unclear page numbers was found spread out at the scene.

Maybe its owner is preparing for the re-examination of the postgraduate entrance examination, or maybe he plans to study in France in the future.

In any case, his life has just begun. This is a book that many foreign language learners are familiar with.

Some netizen said sadly: “We are reading the same French book.”

On the spread page, the first line of handwriting that is still legible reads: Greetings and Farewells.

On the evening of March 21, 2022, in order to protect the scene, the local police deployed control over the crash site of flight MU5735. The temporarily unnecessary rescue forces were withdrawn and standby, and emergency teams such as firefighting and armed police were retained on site to carry out work.

The team members who went to the scene brought search and rescue dogs and life detectors, they did not give up every shred of hope. At present, due to the weather, the search and rescue work has been suspended.

There is a message on the Internet: “The deceased people are hiding in the clouds, they come to the world to see you when the rain falls.”

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Nancy Huang
I'm a journalist in Shenzhen, China. I have been working in several news agencies in China since 2008.



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