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The Cheapest Smuggled Car! Can you Buy it at Customs Auction?

Smuggled vehicles are illegal vehicles that flow into China from overseas. These vehicles do not have customs documents, the quality is not good enough, and it does not have the qualifications to drive on the road.

The Cheapest Smuggled Car in China

Relevant departments have been particularly aggressive in cracking down on smuggled cars. If they find someone selling a smuggled car or a car owner buying a smuggled car, the vehicle will be impounded directly and the car owner will be fined heavily.

The Cheapest Smuggled Car in China, destroyed.

Where do all the seized smuggled cars go? In order to prevent smuggled cars from entering the market for the second time, most of the seized smuggled cars were forcibly destroyed.

The Cheapest Smuggled Car in China

There are also some smuggled vehicles of good quality that have not been destroyed and entered the market in another way, becoming vehicles auctioned by customs.

It is often seen on the Internet that the court auctions smuggled cars. The original price of 4 million Bentley is only sold for 800,000, and the 900,000 Porsche is only sold for 300,000. The price of a smuggled car auctioned by the court is so cheap, can it be bought?

The Cheapest Smuggled Car in China

The first thing to be sure of is that the smuggled cars auctioned by the court have better quality and more reasonable prices. After buying a foreclosure car, you don’t have to worry about the vehicle being unable to go on the road. As long as the vehicles auctioned by the customs have legal status, they can also apply for license plates to drive on the road legally.

Customs auction vehicles are generally conducted online. Everyone logs on to the designated website to bid. After the auction of the vehicle, the customs will issue a legal document to the owner. The owner only needs to bring the driver’s license and customs documents, then he can go to the vehicle management office to apply for the license plate.

The Cheapest Smuggled Car in China

The smuggled cars auctioned by the customs have formal procedures and certificates , they can be legally licensed for driving.

However, car owners should also pay attention to the fact that although the smuggled cars auctioned by the court have a certificate, the condition of the car is complex and there are many minor problems.

Most of the smuggled cars auctioned by the customs are second-hand cars with long service life, and some of them have quality problems after long-term inventory. When the previous owner drove a smuggled car, the driving habits were different, and the condition of the car was also different. Some smuggled cars were seriously damaged on the outside, and the interior was covered with scratches.

The Cheapest Smuggled Car in China

The smuggled vehicle was seized and impounded at the port. The vehicle was parked by the sea for several months and suffered from long-term erosion by the sea breeze. The surface of the body and the chassis may rust in a large area.

Studies have shown that if the car area is rusted by 1%, the safety risk will increase by 7%. Severe rust will affect the stability of the frame. It is not recommended for everyone to buy rusted smuggled cars.

When you buy a smuggled car, you must auction it on a regular website. The website will indicate the year of the car and the number of kilometers.

Car owners should not just place an order just because of the cheap price but must understand the condition of the car in detail, whether there are potential safety hazards, and whether the procedures are complete.

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Nancy Huang
I'm a journalist in Shenzhen, China. I have been working in several news agencies in China since 2008.


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