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Black Butterfly Falling from the Crash Site

At the scene of the MU5735 accident, a black butterfly gently fell. The firemen held it up with their hands and sent it away. “I hope you can find someone you miss and bring our cares to you.”

On March 29, in a collectively signed article published by the WeChat public account “Guangxi Fire Protection”, the video shooter mentioned, “At 11:12 on March 28, when I was searching on the hillside southeast of the core area of the accident, Suddenly I found a black butterfly floating on the silty leaves.”

Crash scene, black butterfly
Crash scene, black butterfly

“When I hold up this black butterfly, I seem to be holding up those who have passed away and saying goodbye to us.” The photographer wrote, the moment I took this scene, I thought of the black bow hair tie I found a few days ago. The hardships of fighting for the past few days, the grief for the deceased instantly flooded my heart, I quickly edited it into a short video on the roadside, with the text “May it flies to the missing people’s side”, which aroused strong resonance among netizens.

Crash scene, black butterfly
Crash scene, black bow hair tie

The author said that in the past 9 days, everyone has been fighting continuously in the heavy rain and the sun, over the mountains and mountains, racing against time. The rescuers worked hard and struggled. They do not give up any seemingly slim hope, do not want to leave any regrets.

Crash scene, black butterfly
Crash scene, black butterfly

Another firefighter recalled that the next day, no one had any idea how the accident would go. A colleague said, “The scene is very quiet, so quiet that I didn’t hear a single cry for help.” I was thinking, if there is a call for help, it must be the efforts of thousands of people; if there is a call, it must be everyone’s response out loud. I still hope, hope there is hope.

“At the press conference, we are still firmly stating that we take the search for life as the first goal, leave no bushes and corners behind, and send a positive signal to the public. Life is at an end, but we know that no one wants to see it in this form, I dare not stop, and I will never stop.” The firefighter said that although the result was contrary to people’s wishes, he still wanted to say a word of thanks: Thank you for fighting with us in the front and rear these days. Colleagues, thank you for making me feel the infinite power of this powerful team with your practical actions.

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Nancy Huang
I'm a journalist in Shenzhen, China. I have been working in several news agencies in China since 2008.


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