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Slap, Bind… Epidemic Staff with Red Armband Hurt People

Recently, including Hubei Province, the related data of coronavirus pneumonia outbreaks in all provinces across the country have shown a positive trend.

The latest data show that on February 17, the number of Coronavirus diagnosed cases in areas other than Hubei nationwide was 79, falling below 100, which has declined for two consecutive weeks.

This is inextricably linked to previous outbreak prevention and control measures taken nationwide.

However, at some grassroots areas, basic epidemic prevention and control measures have changed.

Violations of laws and human rights
Violations of laws and human rights

From being slapped by a family playing mahjong at home, to preventing tenants from entering the community, there have even been violations of laws and human rights in the name of epidemic prevention and control.

Playing Mahjong at home, slapped and admonished

During the epidemic, people are asked to stay at home, it ’s normal to play mahjong to spend boring time.

However, the family of three in Xiaogan, Hubei, was slapped by epidemic prevention personnel because they played mahjong at home.

Anti-epidemic staff drop Mahjong
Anti-epidemic staff drop Mahjong

The video is about three people in Xiaogan, Hubei, who was reported playing mahjong. A man wearing camouflage and a red armband rushed to the family’s house. He picked up the mahjong and broke it. One of the young guys smashed mahjong back.

Man in pajamas was slapped continuously
Man in pajamas was slapped continuously

Then, more volunteers wearing red armbands came out, and several people forcibly dragged the man to control it. It can be seen in the video that a volunteer slaps directly on the face of the man in pajamas, and after a few slaps, even the Mahjong table is dragged to the door and destroyed.

Not just this one thing!

A family of four in Lushui Town, Anlu City, Hubei Province, was arrested for playing poker at home and was publicly admonished.

A family was publicly admonished
A family was publicly admonished

The four people with masks read together in front of a sign with the words “Anlu, Fushuizhenyun” in the background: “We are a family of four, playing poker at home this afternoon, which violates that not gather or play cards in extraordinary times, we are wrong. “

A pet dog was killed
A pet dog was killed

In Xi’an, the epidemic prevention staff in a community killed the pet dog brought by the owner downstairs on the grounds because they could not walk the dog during the epidemic prevention period.

People without masks was beaten, tied to a wall, handcuffed

An old man was abused for not wearing a mask, and the video shooter even beat him. The hitter said fiercely, “Not wearing a mask?” When the old man was beaten, he held up his hands and was in a gesture of surrender. With a look of fright, he was beaten and said, “Wear, wear.”

However, the old man was not in a place where people gathered, but in an open field. According to the source, the incident occurred in Zengwan District, Yanglingou Town, Hanchuan City, Hubei Province. ” The old man planted a little, and when he was busy in the field, met these people.”

Guide to the Use of Masks
Guide to the Use of Masks

In the “Guide to the Use of Masks” for the Prevention of Coronavirus Pneumonia issued by the “People’s Daily”, it is mentioned that masks are not required to be used in open and ventilated areas in the area free from disease.

Without wearing a mask while running
Without wearing a mask while running

On February 10, Fengcheng, Jiangxi, teacher Danjun Yan stayed in the house for more than ten days before going out for a jog in his own community (Fuze Qinyuan Community) without wearing a mask while running.

Yan was subsequently discovered by the community’s epidemic prevention personnel and it was immediately discouraged. He told the staff: “The academician Nanshan Zhong said that there is no need to wear a mask at home and in places with low crowds.”

The teacher was forced to quarantine
The teacher was forced to quarantine

Although “justification” is the authoritative statement of Academician Zhong, the staff did not listen at all.

The next day, Yan was forced to quarantine at the point. On February 13, Fengcheng Education Bureau issued a notice and decided to give it administrative penalties.

A villager was tied to the wall

On February 13, a villager in Puyang, Henan did not wear a mask during the epidemic prevention and was tied to the wall by staff.

The villagers did not physically conflict with epidemic prevention personnel during the whole process. Control officials said it was tied to “scare him.” After being bound for a few minutes, the villagers were released.

On February 17, the local epidemic prevention headquarters responded that the villager did not wear a mask every day, entered and exited the checkpoint multiple times, and disobeyed the advice. However, the actions of the prevention and control personnel were inappropriate, and the staff had been seriously criticized and educated.

Hangzhou community previously stipulated that foreign tenants were not allowed to enter before 24:00 on February 9.

Some netizens said that the notice given to us by the community was that if they wanted to return to Hangzhou, they would have to find a place to segregate themselves even if the proof of return to work is complete.

This has caused many people that return to Hangzhou to be “homeless and have nowhere to go.”

On February 11, the second day after the resumption of work, some netizens said, “The current situation is that the community and the property company won’t let us in, Redhead files are useless. Four friends and I have drifted on the streets of Hangzhou for six days. “

The Criminal Law
The Criminal Law

“Home quarantine” was an important part of the epidemic prevention and control, but with the deepening understanding of epidemic prevention, this measure has been adjusted in time. Since February 13, the relevant official media no longer use the term “home quarantine”.

The Criminal Law
The Criminal Law

In the above-mentioned cases, the simple and rough approach of grass-roots epidemic prevention personnel breaks into private houses and ban all entertainment activities, even beat the citizens, has clearly exceeded the legal limit.

The Criminal Law clearly states that anyone who illegally searches the body or house of another person or illegally invades the house of another person shall be sentenced to imprisonment for up to three years or criminal detention. Without the documents issued by law enforcement agencies, you can’t forcibly break into other’s homes. Mass beatings of the citizens are even more suspected.

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Nancy Huang
I'm a journalist in Shenzhen, China. I have been working in several news agencies in China since 2008.


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