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A Woman Removes Mask on Bus Deliberately, Scaring People Away

At 8:20 am on March 2nd, at the bus stop near Yihe Road, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, bus 201 had just stopped, and a woman cast 1 yuan to go to the train station for shopping.

However, she refused to scan the code to register after getting on the bus, the bus epidemic prevention supervisors and patrols and police officers, no matter how to persuade, the woman said nothing and did not scan the code or get out of the car.

The woman on bus
The Chinese woman on the bus

Passengers on the bus watched the woman pull down the mask from time to time were frightened to get off the bus and transfer.

The patrol team members also got on the car to help persuade, but the attitude of the women remained the same, and it was useless to persuade.

Volunteer persuade the woman on the bus
Volunteer persuade the woman on the bus

As of 8:50 am, everyone saw that the persuasion of the woman was useless. After consulting the police, the captain had to pull the woman alone towards the train station and then tried to persuade the woman to get off the train when she was near the train station.

Chinese Bus
Chinese Bus

According to the latest regulations of Zhengzhou Public Transport, you must scan the code to register before getting on the bus.

So, what should happen to passengers like this if she doesn’t scan the code as required?

The responsible person of Zhengzhou Public Transport Corporation responded that those who refused to scan the code or failed to pass the code will be discouraged from riding.

China Police Report
China Police Report

On March 3, Zhengzhou City Public Security Bureau Jianshe Road Branch issued a notice saying that for the online transmission “the woman refused to cooperate with the real-name registration, the police persuaded the scene to be invalid, and she turned the bus into a special car”, the relevant information didn’t match the facts. Upon investigation, the woman had a history of mental illness. At present, the police have placed the woman under the joint management of her family and the community.

In addition, she is not the only one who does not wear a mask on public transportation …

The woman not wear mask
The woman not wear a mask

On February 29, Jinhua, Zhejiang, a woman took a bus without a mask. During the period, a passenger brought a mask to her, the woman still refused to wear.

The police came to the scene to persuade him to wear a mask. The woman said, “Why do I wear it? I said it was useless!”

In the end, the police “please” the woman get off the bus when persuasion was invalid.

According to Beijing traffic Weibo: at a subway station in Beijing, a woman did not cooperate with wearing a mask and shouted arrogantly: a mask is prepared for sick person, I am not sick, why should I wear a mask?

Traffic police remind: Stay far away from such people at special times!

Remember to wear mask
Remember to wear mask

Be sure to wear a mask when you go out because the coronavirus epidemic is not over yet, you may be hit if you are not careful!

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Nancy Huang
I'm a journalist in Shenzhen, China. I have been working in several news agencies in China since 2008.


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