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Staying in Italy, Help! Baby Was just Born, Couple Has been Infected

“My foot is now broken and I have novel coronavirus. I can’t see the child, I have no hope at all. How can you let me live?” Lin Xia said she was just waiting for a leg operation in the hospital, there is no medication to treat novel coronavirus pneumonia.

Picture of the help letter
Picture of the help letter

Newborn baby, the couples are infected

“My sister jumped the building in Italy, she has just become a mother.” When the reporter just contacted Mr. Xia on the afternoon of April 3, he cried anxiously and could not speak for a long time. This was the first sentence he said.

Mr. Xia ’s younger sister ’s name is Lin Xia (pseudonym), and she started to develop in Italy in 2015. In the first two years, she married Mr. Zheng, who is also a Zhejiang citizen, in Italy. The two people did some small business in Italy. Although their lives are difficult, still considered happy.

“My sister had just given birth to a baby in a hospital in Bergamo, Italy on March 10, and was discharged normally on March 16. Two days later, the hospital notified that the baby had jaundice and needed to return to the hospital for treatment, so the sister and brother-in-law took the child to the hospital twice, the child was discharged after a week of jaundice, but the two of them showed some symptoms of suspected novel coronavirus pneumonia. “Mr. Xia told the reporter that his sister who had just reunited with the child, in order not to spread the virus to the baby, she had to deliver the baby to a friend’s house.

Mr. Xia introduced, “Italy ’s current medical resources are very tight. It is particularly difficult to confirm the diagnosis at the hospital, and all family doctors have also stopped the consultation.

Italian streets under epidemic
Italian streets under epidemic

“After sending the child to a friend’s house, her emotions become a little abnormal, and we can only watch the child with video every day.” Lin Xia’s husband, Mr. Zheng, told the reporter that although the child was only a ten-minute drive away from us, he couldn’t see. By now, the only thing that is gratifying is that the current condition of the child is fairly stable and there are no symptoms such as fever.

From the onset of symptoms, Xia Lin and her husband can only be isolated at home, and the necessities of life are bought by relatives in Italy and delivered to the door.

“From the previous two days, my wife’s symptoms have suddenly become very serious, and she has a high fever in succession. In addition, because she can’t see the child, she is also very emotionally unstable and has not slept for 5 days.” Mr. Xia said they contacted the overseas Chinese leaders in Italy through various methods. Only with their help, an ambulance came to pick up Lin Xia to the hospital for examination.

After being diagnosed, she could not be hospitalized, the mother opened the window and jumped down

She was taken to the hospital on April 1 and was diagnosed with novel coronavirus pneumonia on April 2. However, on the day of the diagnosis, Lin Xia was sent back home by the hospital on the grounds of mild illness.

Lin Xia is now in the hospital
Lin Xia is now in the hospital

“The hospital kept her at home isolated. After hearing this news, she collapsed completely, and she felt that life was hopeless.” Mr. Zheng said helplessly, before his diagnosis, his wife had some symptoms of postpartum depression, so he kept with wife, at noon today, she said she went to the balcony to soak in the wind. In a blink of an eye, she opened the window and jumped down.

Mr. Xia, who was far away in China, was very anxious when he heard the news. He said, “My sister is a person who is brave, and it is really hard for her to make such a choice.”

After jumping off the balcony, Lin Xia’s legs are broken. The police and neighbors living around helped to take her to an ambulance. During special periods, Mr. Zheng couldn’t follow her to the hospital and could not know where she went.

“She didn’t reply by calling or sending WeChat, and I didn’t know what happened to her.” Mr. Zheng told the reporter that until 6 p.m, with the help of Italian overseas Chinese leaders, he knows that his wife was admitted to the hospital, and more is unknown.

At 9 pm on April 3, Beijing time, Mr. Xia contacted his sister. He told the reporter that his sister’s mood is still very unstable.

“My foot is now broken and I have novel coronavirus. I can’t see the child, I have no hope at all. How can you let me live?” Xia Lin said she was just waiting for a leg operation in the hospital. There is no medication to treat novel coronavirus pneumonia.

Before the press, Mr. Zheng sent a message to the reporter, “Now there is another situation, the friend who helps to watch the baby can’t take anymore, let me take the child back, but I should also be infected, what should the child do?”

Experts in aid of Italy: suggest opening a pressure relief platform

“I hope her novel coronavirus pneumonia could be treated at the same time after hospitalization.” Mr. Zheng said anxiously, “We have also thought about returning to the country for treatment, but now it is impossible to see this situation, and we do not want to go back and cause trouble to the country. “

Mr. Zheng told reporters, “I am okay, although I have been having a fever, the overseas Chinese brought us some traditional Chinese medicine two days ago. I can withstand it for a while. Now my wife and baby are the most worried.”

“Now the patients with mild disease in Europe and the United States are all treated in isolation at home.” Zongan Liang, the leader of the first batch of Chinese-Italian medical expert groups and the director of the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine of West China Hospital of Sichuan University, told the reporter that this patient is under too much external pressure and needs some psychological treatment.

Yunqing Qiu, leader of the second batch of aid medical experts in China and executive deputy director of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, also said, “If this situation has been sent to a hospital in Italy, it will usually be sent to the isolation ward of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia, treat both diseases together. “

“Now the epidemic situation in foreign countries is indeed quite serious, and compatriots who are unable to be admitted are more anxious and fully understandable.” Zongan Liang said, “It is recommended to set up a platform to help Chinese and overseas Chinese relieve psychological pressure and ease their tension.”

“At present, I don’t have any desires. The Chinese in Italy are very obedient, isolated at home. I hope my wife can be admitted to the hospital for treatment. I can get better and take a look at my newly born daughter.” Mr. Zheng said.

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I'm a journalist in Shenzhen, China. I have been working in several news agencies in China since 2008.



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