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A Woman Jumped off Car on the Way to Hotel for Quarantine

On the 30th, some netizens said, “After a non-stop domestic flight from Frankfurt on the 28th landed, a compatriot got on the plane with a maximum body temperature of 37.3 degrees. The body temperature did not drop after the plane landed. When the bus went to the hotel for quarantine, the compatriot jumped off and was recovered by the staff, fortunately. “

The woman got up and ran away after falling
The woman got up and ran away after falling

In the video shot by this netizen, it can be seen that a girl with a black school bag and a shoulder bag fell down outside the bus and ran away. A fellow in the video said, “I watched her jumping down from the window and fell a bit.” It can be seen from the video that the girl didn’t run far and was caught by four or five staff members wearing protective clothing.

The reporter contacted Cheng Qiufeng, a passenger on the same flight. The passenger introduced that the flight was originally planned to land in Beijing. It is now entering Qingdao and reconnecting. Everyone is currently isolated in Qingdao.

For the woman who jumped, Cheng Qiufeng said, “We arrived at the hotel by two buses. I was on another bus. We stopped at the hotel when she jumped. When the staff was guiding everyone to get off, she suddenly jumped off and wanted to run away. After being trapped, she was given priority to enter the hotel for check-in. “Cheng Qiufeng said that the girl who jumped was right in front of him when checking in at the hotel, but she did not provide any credentials and didn’t pay the money, which was delayed for a while. Later, the police set her aside, “I don’t know what happened in the last.”

After being caught by staff, sitting on the ground

Some netizens commented that they were puzzled: “What are you going to do? Why not responsible for yourself and others?” Some netizens said that this girl may be a little too nervous.

Comments of Chinese
Comments of Chinese

According to the epidemic report issued by the Qingdao Municipal Health Committee, as of 12:00 on March 30, a total of 9 overseas imported cases have been received in isolation at designated hospitals. A total of 301 close contacts have been included in medical observation.

The reporter called the Qingdao Municipal Health Committee about the matter. As of press time, no reply has been received, and the Health Times will continue to follow up.

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Nancy Huang
I'm a journalist in Shenzhen, China. I have been working in several news agencies in China since 2008.


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