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The Top 8 Shocking Extinction List of Wildlife Caused by People

No matter the Sars virus that swept China in 2003, or the COVID-19 nowadays, both are originated from wild animals.

Behind the epidemic, it may be a lament of wild animals, protecting wild animals is also protecting humanity.

Big Puffin

Cause of extinction: Mass killing by humans.

Big Puffin, extinct in 1844
Big Puffin, extinct in 1844

Southern California fox Cat

Cause of extinction: Used by humans for gun practice and entertainment.

Southern California fox Cat, extinct in 1903
Southern California fox cat, extinct in 1903

Traveling Pigeon

Cause of extinction: Humans consider traveling pigeon meat to be cheap food.

Traveling Pigeon, extinct in 1914
Traveling Pigeon, extinct in 1914

Punch Wolf

Cause of extinction: Humans think it is a monster that killing sheep, massacre.

Punch Wolf, extinct in 1936
Punch Wolf, extinct in 1936

Pakistan sand Cat

Cause of extinction: Humans capture it in large numbers and keep it as a pet, the cat can’t reproduce under artificial conditions.

Pakistan sand Cat, extinct in1940
Pakistan sand Cat, extinct in1940

Mexican Grizzly

Cause of extinction: Humans have discovered that the palms, gall, and flesh of grizzly bears have extremely high economic value, began the mass kill.

Mexican Grizzly
Mexican Grizzly, extinct in1940

Java Tiger

Cause of extinction: Humans have invaded habitats, poachers hunted them down or poisoned them.

Java Tiger, extinct in 1983
Java Tiger, extinct in 1983

Caribbean Seal

Cause of extinction: Humans eat Caribbean seals, and its fur is particularly good, they kill them in large numbers.

Caribbean Seal, extinct in 2008
Caribbean Seal, extinct in 2008


Human, when Extinct?
Human, when Extinct?

Look at these Extinct wild animals! When will that be Human?

Standing on the top of the food chain doesn’t mean that you will be master of the earth?

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Nancy Huang
I'm a journalist in Shenzhen, China. I have been working in several news agencies in China since 2008.


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