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3,000 Hotels in India Refuse Chinese, Who will Be the Biggest Victim

According to Indian media reports, a hotel and restaurant industry organization in the Indian capital of New Delhi said on Thursday that its 3000 hotels will no longer provide accommodation services to any Chinese citizens.

According to the Hindustan Times, the industry organization that made this decision is called “The Delhi Hotel and Restaurants Owners Association”.

The organization made this decision to boycott the Chinese after another trade guild called the Confederation of All India Traders in India issued a call to boycott Chinese goods.

The Hindustan Times report
The Hindustan Times report

The organization’s secretary-general said that they did this because after the Sino-Indian border conflict on June 15, many local hoteliers were “angry” about “China’s approach to India”. After the Confederation of All India Traders decided to boycott Chinese goods, these hoteliers also decided to participate, not only not to let their hotels buy any Chinese products but also no longer provide room service to Chinese.

The Hindustan Times said that the hotel and restaurant industry organization in the Indian capital claims that they have 3,000 hotels and a total of 75,000 rooms in New Delhi. These hotels are basically cheap hotels.

However, the Hindustan Times also pointed out that due to the impact of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, many hotels in the Indian capital have not opened.

Indian Brand Hotel in China
Indian Brand Hotel in China

It is worth mentioning that India is not the main tourist destination of China’s huge outbound tourist group.

China’s “Pengpai News” mentioned in a 2018 report that a set of data from the Ministry of National Tourism of India shows that although China had more than 130 million outbound tourists in 2017, only 250,000 of them People came to India, which may be related to the concerns and panic caused by the relatively negative reports on Indian society on the Chinese network, such as poor toilet conditions, frequent robberies, and rapists.

The Pengpai News Report
The Pengpai News Report

Ironically, although India’s Minister of Tourism Alphonse told The Pengpai News that India’s tourism is “overall safe,” and was planning to spend US$100 million to promote Indian tourism in China. Now, India not only boycotts Chinese goods, but also Chinese, it will only aggravate the concerns of Chinese tourists about India, and even more, resistance to travel to India.

This also means that the US$100 million promotion fee that India invested in that year will also be “floated”, and the victim will be India itself.

Nancy Huang
Nancy Huang
I'm a journalist in Shenzhen, China. I have been working in several news agencies in China since 2008.


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