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Chinese Young Medical Intern Fight Coronavirus

“Teacher, I am an intern. I signed up for the school youth commando to fight COVID-19!” The head of the Youth League Committee of Hangzhou Medical College said that he was not surprised to see Xinyang Fei’s message.

"Post-95" medical students
Feiyang Xin

“Post-95” Fei Xinyang is a medical laboratory student at Hangzhou Medical College. These days, he is fighting as a medical intern in the laboratory of Zhejiang COVID-19 Treatment Designated Hospital.

Xinyang Fei lost his father at an early age and his family was poor. Despite the escalation of the epidemic prevention and control, as an intern, he could have suspended the internship like most of his classmates. After learning about the shortage of staff in the department of internship hospital, he immediately took the initiative to register and requested to remain as a youth commando that continued to work. He said that the need of Motherland is the Charge Horn of Battle!

In many people’s eyes, the laboratory work is dirty and tired, and it is very dangerous. Xinyang Fei works about 10 hours a day. In the molecular room, he assisted the teacher to complete the PCR nucleic acid test of NPC virus; in the fever clinic, he helped to collect blood samples and sputum from patients with influenza and NPC virus and collected all kinds of samples in the hot clinic in time.

“Not afraid at all? That is false.” Xinyang Fei said, facing fever patients, he was more or less a little cyanotic, but he has received four years of professional training in the university and has professional protection. ” More importantly, in the face of the epidemic, we are a white soldier.”

Xinyang Fei is an intern who has not yet graduated. The school cares about his health. After he volunteered to fight the virus in the front line, the school youth league committee contacted his mother for advice.

“I believe in the training of the school and the security of the hospital.” Mother Fei replied excitedly: “Our family has financial difficulties. Xinyang can successfully complete university education, which cannot be separated from the care and help of the country and society. Now medical care personnel is most needed, it is also the time for Xinyang to return to the Motherland and society.

“Although I spend less time with my mother during the Spring Festival this year, my mother is very supportive and allows me to work at ease.” Sensible Xinyang Fei said that this is also the motivation to insist on participating in the “epidemic”. ” My mum is comforting that I stay to work. “

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Nancy Huang
I'm a journalist in Shenzhen, China. I have been working in several news agencies in China since 2008.


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