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18,000 yuan for 1 Ticket, Expensive from Europe to China

Recently, a poster circulating in the circle of Wechat showed that a flight from London to Shanghai via Geneva will be operated on March 18. The flight has a total of 40 seats and the price of each seat starts at 180,000 yuan.

The plane, price of each seat starts at 180,000 yuan
The plane, price of each seat starts at 180,000 yuan

On the evening of the 14th, it was reported that the official charter flight was sold out within two hours after the ticket was released.

According to the news learned by the reporter from the operator Jinlu Business, the business jet has indeed received more than 100 Booking needs, mainly from London.

Golden Deer, a subsidiary of HNA Group, is the largest business jet company in the Asia Pacific region.

Qizheng Yun, general manager of Golden Deer, said in an interview with the media recently that although the epidemic has affected the business jet to some extent, it has also created new business opportunities. “Some customers used to travel in the first class on large flights. Now, because of the privacy and flexibility of business jets, they have opted for private jet charter flights. This new business has made up for the reduction in flights.”

Why is it so expensive for international flights that costing several thousand yuan in peacetime?

Coronavirus: Chinese return
Coronavirus: Chinese return

First of all, a 180,000 ticket is indeed a very special case. We can see in the report that 180,000 is a special ticket only for a special flight in a very special situation, so this price can’t be based on the normal flight price. However, from another aspect, this kind of ticket that is completely impossible to sell in ordinary time, now it can be bought out instantly. This shows the current popularity of the ticket that most people can’t imagine.

Secondly, the main reason why the prices of flights back to China from various countries are so high is that many direct flights have been canceled. At present, due to the differences in the prevention and control policies of countries around the world, one flight has to fly to many countries and land before returning to China after several rounds of rotation. The more roundabouts, the more tortuous natural routes, and the higher fuel and cost they consume.

Third, the prevention and control policies of different countries are very different. If we take a closer look at the prevention and control policies of each country, we will find that countries such as the United Kingdom and Sweden are very negative. Compared with the strong domestic active prevention and control, the efforts of these countries are not only weak, even have some inaction. This is not a good thing for this very special disaster era, which is why the Chinese want to return to China because it is really much safer.

Air ticket
Air ticket

Fourth, for most overseas Chinese, it is estimated that this is the first time to find such a sense of belonging to the motherland. At the most dangerous time in the world, only China is the safest, so they are willing to return to China. The concentration of overseas Chinese returning to China will, in fact, push up the price of air tickets, making it more difficult to obtain.

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Nancy Huang
I'm a journalist in Shenzhen, China. I have been working in several news agencies in China since 2008.


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