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Noodle Kingdom! The Top 12 Classic Shaanxi Noodle Recommendations

As a veritable "Noodle Kingdom", noodles of Shaanxi won't leave behind to add oil for Wuhan hot-dry noodles.

The Top 8 Shocking Extinction List of Wildlife Caused by People

No matter the Sars virus that swept China in 2003, or the COVID-19 nowadays, both are originated from wild animals.

Perfect Social Distance! Chinese Queue of Getting Mask Makes Nordic Style

From February 2nd, Shanghai has fully launched the mask supply mode of "Residential Village Committees + Purchase of Specified Pharmacies". During the...

The First Found of Novel Coronavirus on Door Handle

For the first time, COVID-19 nucleic acid was detected on the door handle of a confirmed patient in Guangzhou.

The Most Classic Drink in Guangdong, Lei Tea

People in coastal areas are enthusiastic, they treat customers with tea. One of the most interesting teas is Lei Tea.

The Most Special Cake, Made by Fish in Hubei

Mentioning fish cakes, people in Hubei may not be unfamiliar. This dish is well-prepared, delicious, and that must...

Community Buried the Alive Cat without Permission of Owner

In the early morning of February 1, Chinese netizen posted a post: "The community buried my cat alive while the owner was...

Britain Broke out of the European Union, Chinese: Tired

On January 31st, 23 o'clock local time, Britain officially broke out of the European Union, said goodbye to its 47-year allies, and...

A Man Smears Blood and Spits at Medical Staff, Detained

Public security organs will seriously investigate and punish acts that endanger the personal safety of medical personnel and disrupt medical order.

Shocking! Chinese Bought Veterinary Medicine for Prevention of Novel Coronavirus

"The first time veterinary medicine sold so well, Taobao Wangwang kept ringing at two or three in the morning." On the night...

Putian Hospital Received Many Masks from Red Cross

On January 30, Hubei Red Cross announced the use of donated materials since the pneumonia outbreak. Wuhan Red...

Different Regions of China Sent their Loving Food to Wuhan

In order to ensure food supply after the closure of Wuhan, all parts of China have recently taken out their own food.

The Darkest Chinese Food in Winter and Its Tradition

In the past, in the cold northeast region, China, for the convenience of storage, many foods could be frozen in winter, forming...

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The Most Mysterious High Imitation Version of “LV” Factory Collapsed

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Man Threw a 12-day-old Baby down the 7th Floor to Death

The defendant Qian Moumou, 24 years old this year, is the uncle of the murdered baby.

The Nutritious Meal in a Rural Elementary School in Anhui Was Filled with Trash Because of Unpalatable.

Pupils from a rural elementary school in Fuyang, Anhui Province dumped nutritious meals in the trash because of poor taste. Some parents...

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